Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 1, 2009

Birds Calling


I’ve begun to identify the various birds calling out to one another. The chickadees are nesting in the corner tree. The bluebirds flit in and out of their favorite birdhouse. The flashy male Cardinal, with his more camouflaged mate…


I sit quietly in the wicker chair, watching movement up in the trees. Camera ready and waiting.





There’s a certain cat who lays silent in his jungle-like spot, maybe dreaming of acres of dense brush in which to hide.


Abi yaps at anything that moves, thus ruining my chances even more…


And then there’s Charlie Ross, heading straight to Clyde’s private setup in the foliage. Proving that he’s not such a cagey jungle cat after all.



  1. The birds are beautiful and Charlie Ross and Clyde are adorable.

  2. That first picture is absolutely beautiful! Have you ever entered any of your photos in a competition? Charlie Ross is a cutie 🙂

  3. Your holly fern looks really good. I’ve been enjoying the birds too. They are looking for nesting spots-seems early but oh well.

  4. Brenda, Hi! Saw your comments on my blog about not being able to roll out a pie crust. Try rolling the dough between two sheets of waxed paper. Works like a charm! I can’t roll out a crust for anything without the paper! It’s also easy to pick it up and lay it into the pie pan with the paper too – just fold it in half, paper against paper, of course, and insert 1/2 of the crust at a time.

    Lovely pictures today, as always!

  5. Your kitty looks exactly like my kitty!!!!! It’s amazing! And my kitty also lies in wait for the birds to get close. I’ll add your blog to my blogroll so I can keep up with your garden. Thanks for a fun post.

  6. Look at all those adorable animals. I want to come visit with them all there in the garden. Beautiful photos as always, Brenda!
    Happy Sunday… ah the peace and quiet of the day seen in your garden.

  7. Hi Brenda, too too funny, your animal shenanigans! Poor Clyde, having to put up with the indignities of the doggies. Love your blue birdbath!

  8. Brenda, those are great photos. Keep up the good work. You changed your blog design. It looks very fresh & clean.~~Dee

  9. I love your blue bird bath! Looks like a lovely day there in the pines. 🙂

  10. Wasn’t it a beautiful day! Perfect for sitting in the garden listening to the birds and watching jungle kitties and doggies. Smart you to take your camera along!

  11. I always love visiting your garden and today is noe exception. From the Koi happily swimming to the gorgeous Cardinal and your animal antics!
    We do not see Cardinals this far north. I am so glad you can sit outside and watch all the action. I have been sick today with winter gunk. So I stayed down most of the day, but was able to watch out the windows the movements in our trees of our Magpies and Robins. They have taken up housekeeping all year round. We seem to have a lot of Canadian Geese over head.
    I am so ready for spring and the snow to be gone. I did a post of our spring garden. Do you think a ‘wishin and hopin’ will make it come any sooner? Thanks for your sharing your beauties!

  12. Brenda,
    Lovely photos! I especially, like the one of Clyde in the fern!

  13. I do like those reflection pictures, Brenda. The tree in the bird bath is particularly eye-catching.

  14. Don’t our garden helpers make life interesting in the garden Brenda, lol. My dogs kept barking at the hawk when I was trying to take it’s picture. 🙂

  15. Oh, I love the cat the best today! That made me laugh out loud. Can you guess? I have loved a cat myself!

    Thank you for your words to my blog. You encourage me to keep trying to tell my story!

  16. Weirdness in the air. 🙂 I just this very morning mentioned on my blog that I was almost clueless re: identifying birdcalls, and how I was going to work on changing that. Too funny.

  17. I needed to see your lovely flowers today…thank you! Charlie Ross is a beauty, too. gail

  18. I see that your narcissus is swollen up ready to bloom. Mine here began to bloom over the weekend; hope to post photos of mine soon.

  19. g’day sweetie

    sigh that first photo is wonderful, you could definitely put that in a comp or a magazine couldn’t you…just so gorgeous

    i really enjoyed seeing it all today, it’s very hot and dry here and nothing like that around at all and I miss my lovely flowers…


  20. Home sweet home!

  21. As always, your post was a breath of fresh air and sunshine. Love the photo of the birds nest. We have a birds nest in the house that had fallen out of a tree many years ago. I find those nests to be a marvel of nature.
    ♥, Susan

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