Saltwater Aquarium


This is my saltwater aquarium. It is a 90 gallon tank. A couple of weeks ago we added this to our home, after having a much smaller one for over a year.

This is our newest addition, Sunny, a Tang. He is quite beautiful and sociable.


Below is Georgie, our first fish. A clownfish.


This is Toby, the Goby. He stays in this little hole in the rock most of the time.



This is one view. We have greenery, coral and all the little out-growths you see are what naturally come out of the live rock. Live rock means it came directly from the ocean. It is expensive, about $7 per pound, because it has to stay in saltwater en route from the ocean. You never know each day what will have come out of your live rock over night. We have approximately 100 pounds of live rock in this tank. You should have about one pound per gallon of water. The sand is also live sand, which means it was kept in salt water on its way here from the ocean.


It is usually more expensive to have a saltwater aquarium, versus a fresh water aquarium. But the colors of the fish are extremely vivid.


So far in this relatively new tank, I have two Clownfish (Georgie and Porgie), one Tang (Sunny), one Lawnmower Blenny (Benny), one Goby (Toby), and two Dart fish I have not named because I can’t tell them apart.

I find this tank fascinating to watch to evolve on a daily basis.

Benny the Blenny…


Georgie (the clownfish on top) and Porgie (below).


The dartfish and lawnmower blenny.



I will continue to add to this page as I add more fish and coral, etc.


  1. We have a big aquarium that’s been sitting (empty) in the livingroom for about three years now. My husband would love to have exactly what you have here. We did have it w salt water years ago and had a tang and clownfish; they were so beautiful and relaxing. We’re awfully far from the ocean, and money is tight these days. Maybe some day… In the meantime, I’m happy for you!! 🙂

  2. I love aquariums, this one is gorgeous Brenda! What a lovely home and so many beautiful things you have. If I was an envious type of person (IM NOT) I would be of you. Hugs, G 😉

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