Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 18, 2009

Sago Palms & More On The Deck


Sago Palm fronds in the early morning sunlight above.

Robert has brought in some lattice to build something to hide all these meters on my neighbor’s wall and on mine across the way. Being on the corner, I have both stuck to my wall. He’s thinking of covering the brick except for the part of the meters the company readers have to get into. Maybe I could grow vines or have shelves on it. This is what I’m thinking will be my “designated” living room area of the deck. This is the side just outside the east French doors.


This is it looking from the south angle. See how he finished out the area around my shrubs? I am liking that.


Yes, I know. I still have cable wires dangling from the roof. Hopefully this will get hidden soon.


This is the side facing the north. This would be my “designated” kitchen area. Maybe a gas grill, a table and chairs, etc.


My yard is still a complete mess. Things are all jammed up together.


He is busy the next few days on another job. But he thinks next week he will probably stain the deck. Let’s hope we manage to kill the tree roots with the Round Up he’s used!

We have another project for him inside the house. Then he will get to the gazebo plans before too long.




  1. Lookin’ good, Brenda!

  2. Love all the finishing touches You and Robert have come up with! It just makes it!!! Hey the gazebo is an awesome idea too…I just love it all. Well worth the wait.

  3. I love how he finished around the trees etc. How does he come up with this stuff?

    It’s looking great already.


  4. You’d better get a leaf blower/vacuum right now, ’cause this fall that deck will be like a magnet for leaves and pine needles! Can’t wait to see the lattice up!

  5. That deck is looking great. Nice and cool actually with the shade Glad your crepe myrtle was saved. It looks great!

  6. Brenda the deck is looking GORGEOUS!!!! I love the edging Robert did!
    I have the same deal going with all the meters only mine are on the front of my house at the entryway. We are going to put up metal latic type stuff and grow vines on it.

  7. Brenda, the deck is already so fabulous. I can just see ahead to next year, looking back on the construction as you enjoy your beautiful landscaped deck. And a gazebo too, can’t wait! xo, suzy

  8. It really is looking nice. We need to get on with the deck remodel at our place now that the vacation is over.

  9. I think the progression is just spot on. It looks so totally unique. No cookie cutter deck here. I really can see your vision and I love it.

  10. Love it! Have you decided what to plant around the tree yet?

  11. I love how he finished the area around the trees & shrubs. Very nice job!

  12. This deck is absolutely beautiful. What color and type of stain are you going to end up using? I’m also guessing you still have meter readers in your area. (Sorry you have to cover your neighbor’s neter but still make them readable – All our meters are now digital and use the power lines to report back the readings instead of people manually reading them anymore. )

    Great website by the way!!

  13. Your new garden room is so pleasing already. Tabula rasa….so many possibilities.

  14. Looking good!!

  15. I am so happy for you, having this deck, and envious of you having Robert’s craftmanship. Guess what– I have a man right now working in my bathroom! 🙂

    Our meter back in OK is digital, too, but here in AL we have a meter reader. And I have two enormous sagos! They have been let to grow wildly, and I like that.

  16. Thanks for the visit.

    The decking looks amazing – and such a great area too.

  17. What a dream deck!!! I love it! Patti

  18. It really looks great, Brenda!

  19. Brenda! The deck looks absolute fabulous! I love it!

  20. Also, I bet you’re going to love the gazebo! My sister-in-law had one built at her previous house & it was a great place to hang her hanging baskets of flowers! She’s an artist and she loved to do her painting out there! Patti

  21. Hi Brenda! Your deck is so spacious and inviting! I like the feeling of wood under the bare feet and smell of wood. Good job! I am wondering how you keep your sago palm so green and healthy. I like this plant but mine has yellow leaves and looks miserable. Do I underwater it? I set it outside for summer, but it still looks unhappy.

  22. Brenda, your deck is so pretty. Could we sit a spell and have some lemonade or iced tea out there?~~Dee

  23. it looks great.

  24. jealous!jealous!jealous! You are going to have sooo much fun out there:)

  25. I love these benches. They remind me of the ones at my summer camp, wandawega.

  26. Oh my God.. its so beautiful. I wish I have a yard like it. I love it

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