Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 24, 2009

Unknown Tree Specimen


I have a tree of some sort in this container that my neighbor gave to me. I don’t think it is a tree that normally grows in a yard. But one in a pot. In the house or not, I don’t know.

Does anyone recognize this tree?



  1. Let me know if someone identifies it, I think I have one that came in a pot from my mom’s funeral. It was about 8″ tall then, now 2 years later, it’s about 4′ tall, I keep repotting it. Not sure if it’s hardy, I drag it into the garage each winter.

  2. I don’t recognize it but it is certainly pretty!

  3. I can’t help you, but sure do love those shiny leaves.

  4. Yeah, I got one of those from my mom’s funeral, too. It’s a potted plant from a florist, but I have no idea what it is.

  5. Is it a fig? Ficus benjamina? I have seen them grow outside on a patio etc.

  6. My guess would be Radermachera sinica aka China Doll plant.

  7. Looks China doll plant. If it is, it’s an indoor plant.

  8. I think it looks like China Doll also, Brenda. That plant does need to be overwintered inside, and is a lovely plant. My mother has had one for years.

    Always Growing

  9. It looks like it could be from the ficus family. It’s pretty!

  10. I don’t know but it has the shinest leaves I’ve seen.


  11. Very pretty tree! Those leaves look like the ones on my silk ficus tree inside my home! Hope you’re having a good weekend! Patti

  12. Well, they i.d. it I think. It does make a nice summer container and then does double duty as a houseplant in winter. What a deal.~~Dee

  13. Your blog is wonderful…the photos superb, and I admire the deck work so much, and the care taken to achieve it . This is a first time visit for me, and I have read back through your postings with much interest. I think the plant is from the ficus family, but I’m not sure. After seeing your photos I’m tempted to explore Canons more. You have such a beautiful garden and pets.

  14. Honey, you know I so rarely know what anything is. It sure is pretty, though. And is that the tips of a cast iron plant I see in the pic? I’ve got some of that now! I adore it.

    See your posts are few this week. Hope all is okay. I’ve really had to pull back from blogging and reading– so much to do on the house, am overwhelmed.

  15. I once grew one of these indoors and it never looked this good! Wow, I guess it must like your Texas weather. 🙂 Makes me want to try growing one again!

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