Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 9, 2009

Grueling Texas Sun


What is truly lovelier? Pink petals…

Or a man working?


You guys know Robert. He’s hard at work with his whirring saws, creating the deck. Drinking coffee and then Mountain Dew. In the Texas sun that pounds you into ground beef fast.

Causing chips in anyone’s supposed armor…


Funny, how the hair-like parts of a flower… (I know I should know what it’s called. But if I ever did, I’ve surely forgotten)…so closely resemble the stubble on a man’s chin.



Two in the afternoon…


Wheels spinning in his head… Sweat trickling down his brow…


The sky framed.


Hey Robert? Oh, the element of surprise.


Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 7, 2009

Crepe Myrtle Blooms


The various crepe myrtle trees are blooming in my yard. So pretty against the bright blue sky.

I am so intrigued by spider webs.


I have no idea what this is blooming below. But found it interesting.


Another sedum is blooming.


I think the pets are enjoying the yet to be finished deck more than I am!



Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 5, 2009

Heat Is Here To Stay


Good old faithful, Purslane.

Rusted sculptured wind chimes hanging in a tree…


I think the heat is here to stay. The plants are dry and thirsty by noon, despite the sprinklers having gone off before sun up.

View from my front gate, the neighbor’s hydrangeas. I have to get me at least one of these lovely plants.


The bank construction continues across the street from the west side of my house.


IMG_5751 IMG_5761

Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 2, 2009

Deck Update


Robert’s feet. Still muddling through the deck transformation. He finished with the drainage pipe upheaval and put new ones in.

Here’s what he calls “yellow wood” which is supposed to stay nice longer. I’ve got to look that up to see what he’s referring to. This is the east side of my dining room French doors.


Coming along nicely. I’ll be so glad when I can clean all this mess up and get to deck decorating!


A few other sights in the yard…



Charlie Ross, have you been nosing around in that dirt?




Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 30, 2009

The Mess In My Yard


I probably would have a deck to this neighbor’s wall right now. But we hit a snag. See her drainage pipe coming down her wall? Well, Robert dug down and found that the whole thing was crushed and broken. So that waylaid our plans. Don’t plans always have a way of getting messed up? Now we know why she has water drainage problems.

And below, where Abi is standing, there would be an angled deck. But this is where Robert had to lay new drainage pipe. Do you recall that there was a palm tree here, a crepe myrtle tree, and some shrubbery?


These bricks and flagstone were once pathways.


Remember the wooden areas on the left side where my wicker chairs use to sit? My neighbor Walli now has herself a little backyard deck, thanks to Robert and her husband Ken moving those huge heavy pieces across the alley on a dolly. She has a nice little bench and birdhouse and plants there on her make-shift deck in a shady patch where I ate lunch yesterday. Instant deck.

Oh, that black thing in the center is an old milk can Robert put over a hole with a sprinkler he will have to do away with. Didn’t want me stepping in that deep hole and falling in over the weekend, he said.


See that white PVC pipe underneath the drainage pipe below? That would be the only way I have water to my backyard. Someone who lived here before me put a rubber hose underneath my front sidewalk in the courtyard, and ran it down this woman’s wall. I had PVC pipe put over it, as rodents would eat through the rubber. Boy, “the someone who lived here before me” sure didn’t think this through in my opinion. About a hundred feet from the actual spigot in front, I have a hose attached to the end of this stupid thing. Or I wouldn’t be putting water in my pond, which some person before me also installed. Isn’t it odd the things people will do? I bet many of you have unique stories about what a former resident did to your place…


Here it is in all its glory. Tables and chairs pushed here and there. I think Sanford & Son (if you’re old enough to remember that show) didn’t have anything over me at this point.


Eventually, I will have a finished deck. Things will be back in their proper place. Or a new proper place.

But I did find something pretty in my alley to show you…


I was just about to post this when I had to go outside. The end result of this is that it is now five hours later. And I have spent that time at the ER. I won’t bore you with details. But I had the dogs in my arms and backed up and fell over the deck lumber stacked in the back yard by the gate that I was trying to get closed. Here I am now…

Don’t worry. No fracture. Just a bad twist and sprain. Crutches and this brace should keep me moving. Poor Robert just can’t win, it seems.


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