Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 9, 2009

Grueling Texas Sun


What is truly lovelier? Pink petals…

Or a man working?


You guys know Robert. He’s hard at work with his whirring saws, creating the deck. Drinking coffee and then Mountain Dew. In the Texas sun that pounds you into ground beef fast.

Causing chips in anyone’s supposed armor…


Funny, how the hair-like parts of a flower… (I know I should know what it’s called. But if I ever did, I’ve surely forgotten)…so closely resemble the stubble on a man’s chin.



Two in the afternoon…


Wheels spinning in his head… Sweat trickling down his brow…


The sky framed.


Hey Robert? Oh, the element of surprise.




  1. We need to swap about 10 – 15 degrees with each other and we’d both be happy and comfortable. Still in the high 60’s here and that’s as warm as it will get for today. In for a much cooler than average summer .

    How’s your knee? Still in the brace?

    Love your thermometer!

  2. It’s a little cooler here than Tyler is, I’m sure. I’ll take our temps and our humidity any day.

    Does Robert still have his fingers? Looked like he was surprised while standing in front of a saw. Eeek!

  3. We continue to have much cooler than usual temps. Most often we are well into the triple digits by now but we are enjoying mid 90’s for another week. Woohoo! It actually looks like it could rain each day but it hasn’t so far and only 10% chance in the mtns which are no where near me.

    Lovely pics!

  4. Were still pretty cold ,were wearing summer jackets when we go out I have yet to go out in a T ,its too damn chilly we have had one day in the 70’s and mostly its been raining.
    I bought a fushia pink peonie and planted it today, I have only white ones in the yard, I know I wont get flowers this year, can wait to see the color of that pink peonie.
    Robert sure has done a lot of work for you, your a lucky lady ,I would give anything to have him come build me a deck too.I would supply all the coffee and Mountain Dew he wanted to, hell I would kick in lunch !
    How do you feel missy? how’s the leg? I hope its on the mend , altho from past experince I know that takes time.
    I have been working on my quilt the flower garden one,I made 350 flowers now I am putting it together, to see how many more if any I need,I already have another project lined up but I need to finish this one first .I can’t do two at once, its too much..I am really eye balling your red drunkard path quilt I just love it I may make one like it too.
    Take care

  5. Uh, pink petals I am thinking. Poor Robert. He must get an award for trooper of the summer!

  6. What a trooper to work in that heat!

  7. Brenda, I feel for Robert. Today was the first day in weeks that I was able to spend the entire day working in the garden. With temperatures that reached 90, I certainly know how the sun takes it out of you.

    Always Growing

  8. Ohhh, the heat is here! I went out to water tonight, and I’m wringing wet! Poor Robert!
    He is probably use to it though.

  9. It has been a lot cooler here lately. Going to get hot soon enough so I am enjoying our cooler weather!
    Robert does look surprised. Hopefully he has all his fingers there(-:
    The flower comparison to a afternoon shadow on a mans face was pretty good!(-;
    Don’t make poor Robert work to hard now. Maybe he could use some ice water(-:

  10. Girl, It was hot here today. I’m so stealing Robert as soon as I ge the chance.

  11. Great photo story! Gives me a smile. DH is down here, working his tail off. Nothing like a working man! Finally old enough to appreciate it. 🙂

  12. Summer seemed to arrive too soon. It’s near the 90s here, too. gail

  13. Hee ,hee the hair on are poppies are perhaps lile a shadow of a man’s beard!
    From the pink petal to your beautiful Crepe Mrytle trees in the post below…it is all beautiful!
    What wonders Robert continues to create at your home. I hope the weather and heat treat you very well this summer! Mid 60’s and rainy here which is in the upper 80’s by now. I am not complaining!

  14. Poor Robert. What temps! I keep thinking I can’t wait until it gets hot but then………our temps have been pretty darn nice. Comfortable! Coffee and Mountain Dew? My goodness that sounds like my husband. Must be a guy thing. LOL!!
    Beautiful photography as always!


  15. I feel for you and Robert in that heat! You sure have been keeping him busy with all your projects Brenda!

    It’s been very cool in Chicago so far this spring. I’m enjoying it and hope it continues. The peas in my veggie garden are enjoying it too. . . the tomatoes. . . not so much!

  16. GREAT picts and a handsome man working in your garden :).

  17. This post is a great portrait of Robert at work! It’s wonderful!

    And I can smell the Oleander blossoms all the way up here. 😀

  18. Your deck is going to be worth all the sweat. It looks great how the wood is laid out in an interesting pattern. It is hotter then hot here in the south but it is summer and I am not complaining since I don’t have to be outside building a deck:) I could use Robert here to do some Major work around this place. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  19. Oh Robert has been working SO hard! What awesome captures of him while he contemplates AND creates! Robert, your deck is amazing! I love the patterns too – this is going to be beautiful! You two are a great team… Wonderful images, as always Miss Brenda!!!


  20. I think that your back yard is lovely! what a nice deck and pond, and your blue hydrangeas are heavenly. Your photography is really good too, I like the dragonfly and Charlie Ross. :O) Mary @Boogieboard Cottage

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