Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 5, 2009

Heat Is Here To Stay


Good old faithful, Purslane.

Rusted sculptured wind chimes hanging in a tree…


I think the heat is here to stay. The plants are dry and thirsty by noon, despite the sprinklers having gone off before sun up.

View from my front gate, the neighbor’s hydrangeas. I have to get me at least one of these lovely plants.


The bank construction continues across the street from the west side of my house.


IMG_5751 IMG_5761



  1. OMG! They cut down nearly every one of those pines; bad bank!!! Now I see why the noise is so bad.
    Your 4 o’clocks and hyacinth bean vine seem happy together.

  2. Your neighbor’s hydrangea is spectacular! It looks most happy too, heat or not. Here in Tennessee we are having 70-80 degree days with no humidity. Unheard of for June so hang in there, the weather may yet surprise you.

  3. Love the hydrangeas, I had one just like it, my MIL cut it down to the snub and it never came back ask me if I wanted to cry…..
    How ya feeling? I hope your leg is on the mend.
    Not too hot here its only in the 60’s and we are still getting frost warnings in the morning…
    My peonies are about a foot high.. exciting for me!

  4. 85 degrees here and on the rise. Summer’s comin!

  5. OM Gosh, that hydrangea is lovely. Yes, you have to get at least one! I have several, but they are not near blooming. Lovely post. Oh, it was so cold here this morning I had a coat on the water! It was high 50’s but breezy. I think it is 75 now. But it has been cool the last couple days, but don’t worry… I’m in So. Indiana, it will be HOT in no time! ~Brooke

  6. Purslanes are so reliable and lovely. The Hydrangea rocks! Give it acidic fertilizer and it will bloom blue. Give it alkaline fertilizer and it will bloom pink. What bank, pray tell, can afford to build a new building these days? I thought they were all broke 😆

  7. The Hydrangea is huge and gorgeous! I think you are right–the heat is here to stay–it feels like summer. I’m sure we would get bored of beautiful springtime weather all the time—Ha!

    How is your leg getting along?

  8. I am writing this at 9:30 p.m. and it is 79 degrees–cooling off for the night. I love that hydrangea!

  9. Your plants are holding up to the heat just wonderfully! It has been raining here the last day or so. Its beautiful!!! I love rain!!!!

  10. I think you’re right Brenda–summer is here! I couldn’t believe how dry everything was tonight when I got home from work. It is so hard to keep things alive, and I guess since they are saying it might reach 100 next week, we’re in for a hot summer.

  11. Brenda, I have an award for you. Pick it up please!

  12. I love the sound of the word “’s so old fashioned.

    I have hydrangea envy in a big big way!

  13. I have hydrangeas but they certainly do not look like that. They’re pretty enough but not quite as large- they just don’t flourish in the midwest, that or i’m a really crummy gardener.
    the porch is looking great!

  14. Your garden seems to be responding to the heat of summer. 🙂

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