Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 2, 2009

Deck Update


Robert’s feet. Still muddling through the deck transformation. He finished with the drainage pipe upheaval and put new ones in.

Here’s what he calls “yellow wood” which is supposed to stay nice longer. I’ve got to look that up to see what he’s referring to. This is the east side of my dining room French doors.


Coming along nicely. I’ll be so glad when I can clean all this mess up and get to deck decorating!


A few other sights in the yard…



Charlie Ross, have you been nosing around in that dirt?






  1. Brenda,
    Your deck is coming along nicely. You have my curiosity piqued about “yellow wood”! I love Charlie Ross’ dirty nose!

  2. It’s coming along nicely. Has Robert told you when it will be done? I know you can’t wait!

  3. The deck is looking great! I bet you can’t wait till it is done.

  4. Wow your deck is looking so amazing!!! I love it!!! I love the yellow wood. I don’t know what it is but it looks very pretty!!!!

    Charlie Ross looks like he was up to something in that picture!!!(-:

    Don’t forget to tell Robert how much everyone is loving his work!!! I am sure he will appreciate it(-:

  5. Your deck is going to be beautiful when you are able to get it deck-orated! Love Charlie Ross’ little sandy nose. Looks like he has been inspecting construction. You may have to promote him to supervisor. Loved all the plant pics–the ferns were especially nice.

  6. It’s looking so good!! Robert is really a perfectionist and it shows.

  7. Charlie Ross just cracks me up! He has the cutest face….even with the dirt on it.
    ā™„, Susan

  8. Robert is such a fantastic craftsman~~and the deck is coming along nicely. At this stage of the project I would be chomping at the bit’. I told the last guys who worked on my house, “I am excited to see you arrive and even more excited to see you go!” They understood completely and we were all laughing. gail

  9. Love the new deck! …and it looks so big.

    My dad is putting the finishing touches on my lil’ ol deck. I can’t wait to get it together & add some flowers/plants. šŸ™‚

    hugs, Joanna

  10. Hi Brenda, It’s been way too long since I have visited you. Your deck is going to be gorgeous. I am jealous. Our deck is so splintery. In fact Bobby G. got such an awful splinter deep in his palm that a surgeon had to get it out. It was awful! Our deck is huge so it will be a while before we can replace it. New air conditioner and heating and all new windows need to come first. I will be back soon to see your new finished deck. xo Lynn

  11. Looks great Brenda! I hear ya about the Qwest/Cox debate but right now I gotta go with what is less $ and unfortunately that means crappy service. I’m sure I will switch before too long.
    How’s the ankle? I see you are not letting it get you down. Good for you!

    The deck is looking lovely. I will post pics as soon as I can dig out the camera charger from wherever I packed it.

  12. Lookin great!

  13. Looking good and what a sweet face!

  14. Your deck is going to be so beautiful!

    I wanted to tell you an idea for your broken birdbath & maybe save face for Charlie Ross. šŸ™‚ A friend of mine filled her cracked birdbath with soil & planted it full of sedums. She set the bowl on the ground in one of her beds but I think it would be beautiful on its stand with some creeping sedum hanging over the sides. It’s an idea for when you start putting things back together.


  15. Looking good.

    Always Growing

  16. Such a pretty cozy spot, Brenda, and now with the new beck is going to look lovelier… So good to see you again, sweet lady!


  17. I love the pattern on your deck Brenda. It’s looking good, can’t wait to see how you decorate it when it’s all done. šŸ™‚

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