Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 30, 2009

The Mess In My Yard


I probably would have a deck to this neighbor’s wall right now. But we hit a snag. See her drainage pipe coming down her wall? Well, Robert dug down and found that the whole thing was crushed and broken. So that waylaid our plans. Don’t plans always have a way of getting messed up? Now we know why she has water drainage problems.

And below, where Abi is standing, there would be an angled deck. But this is where Robert had to lay new drainage pipe. Do you recall that there was a palm tree here, a crepe myrtle tree, and some shrubbery?


These bricks and flagstone were once pathways.


Remember the wooden areas on the left side where my wicker chairs use to sit? My neighbor Walli now has herself a little backyard deck, thanks to Robert and her husband Ken moving those huge heavy pieces across the alley on a dolly. She has a nice little bench and birdhouse and plants there on her make-shift deck in a shady patch where I ate lunch yesterday. Instant deck.

Oh, that black thing in the center is an old milk can Robert put over a hole with a sprinkler he will have to do away with. Didn’t want me stepping in that deep hole and falling in over the weekend, he said.


See that white PVC pipe underneath the drainage pipe below? That would be the only way I have water to my backyard. Someone who lived here before me put a rubber hose underneath my front sidewalk in the courtyard, and ran it down this woman’s wall. I had PVC pipe put over it, as rodents would eat through the rubber. Boy, “the someone who lived here before me” sure didn’t think this through in my opinion. About a hundred feet from the actual spigot in front, I have a hose attached to the end of this stupid thing. Or I wouldn’t be putting water in my pond, which some person before me also installed. Isn’t it odd the things people will do? I bet many of you have unique stories about what a former resident did to your place…


Here it is in all its glory. Tables and chairs pushed here and there. I think Sanford & Son (if you’re old enough to remember that show) didn’t have anything over me at this point.


Eventually, I will have a finished deck. Things will be back in their proper place. Or a new proper place.

But I did find something pretty in my alley to show you…


I was just about to post this when I had to go outside. The end result of this is that it is now five hours later. And I have spent that time at the ER. I won’t bore you with details. But I had the dogs in my arms and backed up and fell over the deck lumber stacked in the back yard by the gate that I was trying to get closed. Here I am now…

Don’t worry. No fracture. Just a bad twist and sprain. Crutches and this brace should keep me moving. Poor Robert just can’t win, it seems.




  1. oh no! i hope you heal quickly!!

  2. OMG I am so sorry you are injured!!!! I am glad nothing was broken but still I am sure you are in a lot of pain!
    Now you will have to sit and rest!
    The deck is looking great and all your troubles will soon be behind you!!!(-:
    Glad that Walli was able to get your decking for her yard. I bet she was thrilled!!!!

  3. Brenda brenda brenda, what are we going to do with you? Stay put and heal ladyfriend. If you need us call Nola and have her call me. Seriously.

  4. So much for the old milk jug! I hope it heals quickly. While stuck with the brace ponder all the ways to beautify the new space when it’s finished!

  5. Brenda! That’s quite a huge brace – I have to assume it’s your knee? I’m so sorry. I had no idea you were embarking on such a huge project. Of course, you probably didn’t realize it was going to be so huge, either. Stay inside, grab a good book, an iced drink, and tell Robert to finish already!

  6. Brenda, girl you could have hit your head or something! I am so glad it was not worse…I know that is not much comfort now as you are out of commision for a while. Rest and get well again so you can get back to it when Robert finishes.
    Take care,

  7. Ouch! I sure do hope you will heal quickly. Life certainly has a way of throwing obstacles at us along the way.

    Those passion flowers are gorgeous!

  8. Oh my gosh Brenda!! That went from not happy to painful. If I lived nearby I’d bring you a hot cookie or something. I sure hope you feel better quickly. Take your Advil or whatever they said.

  9. Oh my, I hope you get better fast!

  10. Oh good lord Brenda, you just can’t stay out of trouble now can you? Seriously, hope you’re not in too much pain and thank God it’s only a sprain! Please please stay put and let Robert do his magic. Of course telling you not to go outside is useless huh? Well please be careful! Just sit and watch others do the work.

  11. Brenda! Goodness girl..take care of yourself! That looks painful!

  12. Is Klutz your middle name like mine???
    I hope its not serious, but I imagine you took a good tumble when it happened.Something like that really shakes you up.
    Now you will have to sit and stay quiet !
    Be the supervisor that sits !
    I am so sorry this has happened to you oh my goodness, I know how it feels to be on one leg…My daughter leaves tomorrow I have enjoyed her visit so much, she wanted me to go back with her for a spell, but I am more needed at home here…… I am sure you know what I mean…. some things never change..
    Take it easy for me ok…. do nothing for a while or it may take longer to heal up.(Not kidding)
    Thinking of you.

  13. OMG, now you are all crippled up; stay inside and off that leg! (like I gotta tell you)
    The passion flower blooms are fantastic! I didn’t realize you had so much brick and flagstone. Hey, where is my bistro set, Walli didn’t cart it away did she???

  14. Oh no! Bless your heart! I hope you are recovered very soon. I can’t believe all the work that you are doing–and you have a hubby willing to do it! I love my hubby, but he’s useless in the garden! LOL! GET WELL SOON!

  15. Oh No you didn’t! Maybe you should just stay in the house for a while! (like that’s going to happen)

    I see you got your Maypop! xo, Suzy

  16. It always looks bad before it looks good…or something like that. When all is said and done, your back yard is going to be outstanding. I hope that you are not in too much pain right now. Big hugs being sent your way.
    β™₯, Susan

  17. Oh, honey, I am sooo sorry about your accident! Sending prayers. And my goodness, those blooms are gorgeous.

  18. Hi Brenda,
    Get better soon. I know it is hard to be ‘laid up’ when there is so much to do!

    Your outdoor spaces will be great when finished…remember ‘no pain-no gain.’

    I know…easier said than done.

    Beautiful blossom by the way!

  19. OMGosh! I was NOT expecting your post to end that way! I hope you heal quickly!

    Maybe you can just stay indoors until Robert has finished the backyard.? So where did you get Robert anyway? I have been wondering for a while now.

  20. Ouch, Brenda! I’m in a soft cast for a severe ankle sprain (gardening) and daughter on crutches just left after 2 weeks here (meniscus tear) … rear ended on way home from orthopedic doctor (flatbedded Acadia in hospital for 2 wks) … Mr. Ho-Hum is still in therapy for torn rotator cuff and 5 herniated discs … ain’t life fun πŸ™‚ Get well soon and perhaps photograph progress through the window πŸ™‚

  21. Oh my gosh, what a huge brace! You need to just prop that leg up in a chair outside and watch what’s going on until it’s all done! I have this fear of that happening to me, with all the building stuff around. At least it’s not broken…hope it’s all better soon.

  22. I sure hope you are doing okay. I’ve been thinking about you.

  23. Wow, Brenda! All this and an injury too!!

    You are right about those who live in houses before.

    The kind of “help” we’ve found here at the lake hasn’t always been as wonderful as Robert. You should take a good look at the deck ceiling and gutter system! Oh My!! We really needed Robert, back then!

    Hope you heal quickly!!

  24. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon πŸ™‚

  25. ((((Brenda))))

    Oh poor girl!!! I am so sorry you are hurt! Thank goodness you didn’t hurt yourself even worse!
    Goodness gracious!

    Hope ALL settles down soon and you get to enjoy your new space. I have no doubt it will be as beautiful as the rest of your gorgeous home and gardens.


  26. Join the klutz club! I trip on the cedar edging in my valentine bed every day. I’ve only fallen once, but it’s just a matter of time. You’d think I’d learn it’s there!
    What are you going to do with all your rocks and brick now? Will you rebuild those beautiful paths? If you’re not going to use it I’d love to take it off your hands!:)
    Enjoy your forced relaxation…

  27. so much for the milk can covering the hole! poor you! hope you’ll be on the mend soon!

    and i’m sure it will all be worth it in the end. you’re a real gardener. πŸ™‚

  28. Glad you weren’t hurt seriously.

    I remember Sanford and Son, and your place looks nothing like that. Your husband must be a very good sport to help you with your decorating ideas, indoors and out. You are lucky.

  29. Dear Brenda…hope you are feeling some better!! Your yard may look messy, but it is coming along beautifully! And look at Abi…cute cute cute!! =)

    Thinking of you and sending tonnes of hugs!!

  30. OMG poor you! that’s just what you need!

    thinking of you, what’s gonna happen to the garden now?!!!


  31. Oh! I’m so sorry about your fall! Ouch! I’m glad you didn’t break anything. Can you hobble out to the garden at all? Or are you settled in at a window? Get better soon!

  32. Oh Brenda! Hope you feel better soon!

  33. cute foot…

    sorry about your fall…I have a feeling that BIG OLD BRACE won’t stop you! Hope you can shed it soon!

    Tina~ Cherry Hill Cottage

  34. Hi Brenda, I’m so sorry to see your knee brace! It reminds me of one I had a few years ago when I severed my ACL. Funny thing is, I had no idea you were having this problem when I stopped over here; but I am in an ankle brace myself! I sprained my ankle by sitting in a recliner;-) Actually my foot had pins and needles so I stood on it to get feeling back, but it simply collapsed! It’s black and blue and swollen and I need this on for 4 wks! Just what we need for garden work, right?! I hope your sprain will be better soon…they say that sprains can sometimes be worse than breaks. Depends on ‘what’ is sprained (ie: ligaments, tendons, cartilege??). Well, I’ve seen some of your new deck-in-progress photos and I’m sure you will be thrilled when the project is FINISHED! Take care of yourself and that ankle! Jan

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