Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 26, 2009

What The Critters Are Up To


Note where the above wild critter is. Then the one below…


Once again, see where the squirrel critter is below…


This is the don’t-move-a-muscle stance Charlie Ross adopts and his I-see-a-squirrel-in-my-yard crouch.


Trouble slowly brews between these two critters…


After much head-banging and barking, he is allowed outside.


Clyde watches sleepily, not enthused by the tension hanging in the air.


I should have known this was coming…


The air tingles with the animosity between these two.


A loud crashing noise. Too late now.


And that was such a good deal at Home Depot not more than four months ago…




  1. Oh no! But I know you will find something wonderful to do with those broken pieces.

  2. Oh no, she echoes! But as you say, we could see it coming. Charlie Ross is a wonderful protector, I blame the squirrel entirely.


  3. That naughty squirrel! You might be able to patch it!

  4. LOL! Leave it to Clyde to access the whole situation with one look.

    I see Charlie Ross is nowhere in that next-to-last picture…and I bet the squirrel was laughing his head off.

  5. The look on that cat’s face is priceless!!
    Sorry about the bird bath!

  6. Yep, those squirrels are slapping high 5’s.
    Ps. Your post below is very moving.

  7. I’m just glad the thing didn’t fall on the pup. He’d have been smashed.

  8. Sigh. But those animal-children are worth it, aren’t they?

  9. Yep, like they say “hindsight’s 20-20”. Start looking for birdbaths in resin!

  10. Oh oh…crack!! Too who’s it the dogs for chasing the squirrel..hummm.. a cute post! Loved it..smiling!

  11. Oh dear. I feel your pain because I know Jack would do the same thing if a squirrel was involved. I think you can patch that up though and it will be almost as good as new(-: Maybe not as a bird bath but it can make a great planter(-: Succulents would grow great in there!
    I think squirrels do that on purpose! And I agree they high five their buddies after that too!!!!

  12. Oh no!! What a bummer! No, I don’t think you could’ve prevented it. Grrrr! i hope your dog gets that pesky squirrel one day!

  13. I’m so glad Charlie Ross didn’t get smashed! Just move it somewhere and plant some moss rose in it. It will be beautiful in a different way! šŸ™‚

  14. I didn’t see that coming. At least the dog wasn’t hurt. Didn’t think he could tip that heavy bowl.

  15. I’ll bet you can re purpose that bowl into something closer to the ground. Maybe something mossy or something in the pond.
    I honestly didn’t see that coming though. Sadness. Poor birdies.
    We moved over the weekend and now my doggies have low windows where they can see the birdies and neighbor cats to bark at. Fun times ahead!

  16. ooops :-). He’s too cute.

    My little one likes to jump up and try to get the hanging baskets of the porch. The other day I asked Mike to get one down and see what he was going to do with it…he promptly snatched a flower off and chomped away.

  17. Brenda,
    I think you love critters as much as I do. What great pictures you took. Thanks for sharing them.

  18. All that excitement made me laugh. Once again your photos are amazing and your last post makes me want to reach out and give you a big hug. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt story with me, I know it was not easy to write some of that post.

  19. Oh, honey, that was such a good story– like one of those animal adventures from Disney!

  20. LOL
    Thank you! I miss having critters around (living in this concrete jungle). But I think your birdbath is priceless now it has such a documented story attached to it!
    Go CR, defender of all that is beautiful!

  21. Frustrating, but kind of expected…puppies and squirrels. I can’t wait to see how the porch/deck is coming.
    ā™„, Susan

  22. I love Charlie Ross and Clyde! I have the cheeky squirrels too, but Miss Emma is getting to old to chase them. We have a new rescued dog coming to our family, so I can hardly wait to see the pandemonium that will ensue. Goes with the territory doesn’t it?

  23. Oh, no! That must have been some rambunctious squirrel if he pushed that hard…or was it your sweet doggie. Glad Charlie Ross didn’t get hurt. I can’t begin to tell you about the destruction done around my deck by squirrels. šŸ˜¦ Love your photography! Felt like I was right there!

  24. ahh…..this is similar to what takes place in my front yard every morning. Love my dog but I think the squirrel is far more clever. cute!!

  25. Squirrels are such little devils! they dig up the things you plant and plant things you don’t want (a million oak trees in your flower beds)!
    Hey Brenda, how’s the back porch coming along? Can’t wait to see it!
    Have a good weekend!

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