Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 20, 2009

The Porch Of Her Dreams


Once there was a house that had gardens, but didn’t have a porch. And it was lonely for one to keep it company. It wanted people sitting outside gazing off at the little pond. People eating and talking and enjoying the sun going down in the evening.

Other houses had such nice porches. So quaint and cozy-looking.


And that’s how this fairytale met up with Robert, the master carpenter with vision, in the early fall of 2008.


He loved to work outside, to make things from nothing. But this house had so many problems that a porch seemed a luxury. So it was put off for a future project. The house was put together and the rooms were fixed and floors were laid and walls were painted. Garden rooms became glorious places. All by his skillful hands.

And then finally, late in the spring of 2009, it was time. And the owners of the house were well aware of his expertise, so they handed the project over to him to mold in his own unique way.

It is late afternoon now. Saws are whirring outside. The porch is really a deck. But still, in this woman’s mind, it is the porch of her dreams. And it is finding its shape.


When she saw a small deck, she wanted it even bigger. And so it goes… (You know how it is in Texas…)


The deck will continue on toward this wall of the neighbor’s house. But it will shift directions and patterns. It will cover the path and skirt around the tree. It will be a place where people sit and chat about the day.


And the tree you see here…


She remembers the porch of her childhood. Where old women sat around after the supper dishes were washed and dried and put back in the cupboards. At the end of a long day of working and toiling in the vegetable and flower gardens. Where the background noises were insects buzzing and hoes chopping at hard red earth. And it was an unspoken truce that you worked hard to pull weeds and nurture the plants so there would be canning come the end of the season. So there would be row after sparkling row of glass jars filled to the rim with food on the shelves come winter down in the cellar. And the flowers, the phlox and four o’clocks and other old-fashioned blooms tilted their heads up to the sun in pride, for they were lovingly tended.


And she learned that, with two hands, you can make miracles happen. Molding, shaping, creating, the vision in your head. So you can one day sit on the porch with a glass of iced tea. And gaze out at your day’s work with pride in your heart.



  1. The bigger the better! It’s going to be beautiful. 🙂

  2. Beautifully written and I love the photos!

  3. Oh it is looking so good! I know you are excited to see it taking shape – I remember the joy of watching my front porch coming together.
    Can’t wait to see yours all finished.

  4. I have a dream and I need Robert can I borrow him when your done ??
    A simple patio that’s all I want….
    I dream of a patio I want to go sit outside in the sunshine is that so much to ask for ??
    Robert would love out great outdoors, its gorgeous up here I promise…

  5. Oh, it’s coming together…I know you are so excited! Your going to sit out there all the time…they may never get you back inside 🙂

  6. It’s gonna look great…and I think the bigger the better. I love my porch (which we added 4 years ago-before the days of blogging!)

  7. What a fun way to express how you are creating a history for yourself. The words and pictures tell the beginning of your story, when the construction is finished your ‘sitting and resting a spell and counting your blessings’ will begin. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

  8. Robert is an amazing find, that rare commodity of artisan who loves his work for others. I can’t wait to see the final product, Brenda. Great post!

  9. I can’t wait to see the porch finished. We finished a 2 1/2 yr construction project so I know how inconvenient and messy construction can be.

    Love the brick work too!

  10. I read this post like a fairy tale. Its happy end will be actually not an end, but beginning of a new life… BTW, Brenda, there is something for you on the last picture of my last post Under the Big Trees. Look at it when you have a minute.

  11. Great post! I have heard things are bigger in Texas so why not your porch too(-: It is really looking beautiful. I can see you sitting out there with your iced drink in hand gazing at your beautiful garden!(-:
    Robert can come here next? I have a lot of things I would like done(-:

  12. Hi Brenda, the porch is well under way and I can’t wait for it to be finished. You are going to have so much fun decorating it! xo, suzy

  13. You know we all have Robert envy! He is doing a wonderful job and you are being very patient. It’s going to be wonderful! gail

  14. What a beautiful post Brenda. I am reading this early in the morning–what a perfect way to start my day!

  15. Porches just seem to beg for folks sitting around and drinking iced tea. Yours will have lots of room for plenty of guests very soon.

  16. loved it! looks so cool with the wrap around the tree and the shade you’ll get from the house and the trees! so great!

  17. Your porch is going to be lovely. Can’t wait to see the finished job. I like the way your courtyard with all the plants.

  18. Oh yes to that, Brenda! It is a dream come true. That Robert, I would put him to work here on our stoop roof issue, can’t call it a porch, it is way too small. You are lucky to have him, and he you. It is going to be wonderful.

  19. Brenda, I wanted to leave you a message on your plot at Blotanical, but I didn’t, after I saw 5 pairs of my eyes there. I appreciate your kind comment on my last post. Thank you. As for the OU flag in your yard, be careful – you are in Texas! – this is what my husband said! But if you are brave enough, then it could be a great gift for Father’s day!

  20. I think I need a master carpenter 😀

  21. Brenda,
    Your deck is looking wonderful! I love your daisies. They have always been one of my favorite flowers.

  22. Isn’t this exciting! A new porch!! I love it, it is going to be wonderful!

    blessings, brenda!!


  23. Came over from The Inspired Room. Love your photos and the way you tell your story. Can’t wait to see more of the porch!

  24. HI! This is my first visit to your blog and will be following you now! You will LOOOVE your deck/porch and will be out there every chance you get….I Know cause I am out on my deck as SOON as the weather allows. My DH always rolls his eyes when I ask him to get the chairs out of storage and the snow has barely melted:):) ENJOY your new little piece of paradise!!! I also love the way you write! Pinky

  25. How do I subscribe to your blog?????

  26. I found your blog tonight as I was surfing around. You have some fantastic photos and a way of writing that really draws me in. For some reason, I can see myself sitting with you on your new porch with a nice cold glass of iced tea! Can’t wait to see it finished. I will subscribe to your blog if I can figure out how! Hugs~~~~~~~~~

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