Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 18, 2009

Men And Machines


Squirrel on the roof…

Charlie Ross on the ground.


Squirrel taunting Charlie Ross from the roof…


A complete stand-off. The plot thickens on the duel between these two creatures.


Robert stares at the ground that will one day be a deck, and thinks.


The bank construction continues across the street.


Robert measures and thinks some more. He is totally unaware that I exist. He is in the carpenter’s trance.


I finally moved all the pots. The leaves and flowers are coated with a fine layer of sawdust. Machinery whirring. Inside the fence. Outside the fence. The business of men in perpetual motion.


The trance continues… I can only imagine what visions he holds in his head. Ruminating over inches and feet of space.

I look and see dirt. He sees completed projects that he molds with imagination and wood and two strong hands. Impervious to everything that goes on around him. An artist sketching in his head.


Reminds me of the courtesy one pays a golfer about to take his shot.

Silence is golden.

I sit and stare up at the pine trees, heavy with pine cones. They stand tall and regal around our city. A fortress of sorts.


The pine trees have pretty bark, I think. In any event, these trees in my front yard have withstood the test of time. The grooves, drawn deep like an intentional cut, remind me of wizened faces, weathered by time.


Needled texture etched into the bright blue sky.




  1. Men and machines. Brenda and her camera. You are so good! My son was walking by and saw your squirrel. He said, “Hey that’s a good picture!” That’s quite a compliment. He’s not a man of many words.

    Did Charlie Ross get a haircut? He looks so cute.

  2. What a delightful insightful post, Brenda. The squirrel shots are amazing, even though I detest them. Charlie Ross is a doll and so is Robert. I love that shot from under his chin. He didn’t even know you were taking his photo? Did you use the zoom and were really far away? I need to figure out me new camera.

  3. Fun post, Brenda; everyone is performing their daily rituals with perfection. I am curious though; what did Robert think about your “help” with the roots?

  4. Stacey said it all…. Men and machines Brenda and her camera, wonderful pics Brenda!

  5. Great photos and prose, Brenda! Here is the beginning of your book … you go girl!

  6. It does seem that when people really get into their work they enter a “zone”. I love the photos of Charlie Ross; they are precious.

    Always Growing

  7. Looks like there will be some free mulch compliments of the sawdust. Great photos.
    ♥, Susan

  8. Wonderful post Brenda..let me echo your earlier commenters…insightful…book ready…wonderful photos. A good read!! gail

  9. Who won, Charlie Ross or the squirrel?
    How long will it be before Robert finishes Brenda? I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  10. Love that pine bark!

  11. Cute post…so, who won the duel??! Charlie or the squirrel! =D tee hee


  12. Jack shakes when the grey squirrels are at the feeder. He just sits in the chair and looks out the window at them. Its so funny. As soon as he goes outside he runs as fast as he can to the feeder hoping to catch one. No luck so far! He did catch a rat today though while I was mowing. He was so proud!
    Robert is probably thinking….I hope that squirrel doesn’t jump on my head!
    You have a lot of wonderful views in your yard!!!(-:

  13. Nice pictures and a humorous post. Luckily, taking photos is a quiet pursuit, so I’m sure you didn’t bother Charlie one bit.

  14. Fun post with the squirrel and the dog. LOVE the close ups.

  15. You never cease to amaze me with all of the talent that exists within your soul.

    Awesome, awesome post.


  16. The critter pics are tooooo cute!!! Hope your tranquility returns soon.

    Hugs, G

  17. Nice Picture your post.

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