Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 17, 2009

Can’t Let Well Enough Alone


When Robert left Friday evening, this area was smooth. (The man knows me pretty well. See where he’s laid plywood and a rug up in the right-hand corner? He knows my clumsy self will fall through the framework.)

Well, here it is Sunday, and guess what I got out and did yesterday afternoon? Well, I decided I’d dig up some more tree roots for him. I ended up breaking my spade, so I grabbed the sharp shooter. I wonder why it’s called a sharp shooter? Sounds like a Texan named it.


I don’t know what he’s going to say when he sees this mess. I dug out a huge lawn bag full of roots. I feel like a semi ran over me today, so this is how it shall stay until he returns. I have pains in my body where I didn’t even realize I had body parts. And this debacle is aside from the wretched thorn tree trunk we have to deal with somehow!

If anybody needs good rich dirt, I have it. I’m tossing it in all parts of the yard. It’s a mixture of black and red and sand. The neighbors love my dirt. For some reason they don’t have it.


My yard looks like a nursery. Plants sitting everywhere. Not much rhyme or reason to it.



Something is eating my angel trumpet and potato vine and I don’t know what all. Greedy insect. Either my angel trumpet was ravaged romantically or just had a rough time of it. I don’t know which.


We’ve already had some rain this morning. Which will make my root mess even more of a job… Poor Robert. He tells me to stop helping him. Because he says I end up causing him more work in the long run.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been one to listen much.




  1. OMG I can just hear Robert when he gets there tomorrow morning! Yep looks like you made a mess there for sure LOL. You poor thing, hope you didn’t hurt your back too much. What are you taking for pain? I always take Aleve when I over do. Hope you feel better tomorrow!

  2. Your gonna get in trouble:)

  3. You crack me up honestly !!
    I can so picture you getting into it regardless of what anyone says…. soo typical of you……your predictable Brenda…. now go rest with something for pain….silly goose…

  4. Sounds like you need to rest…and lay on a heating pad.

    I hurt my back a few weeks ago, and it is just now starting to feel normal.

    I hate those insects that eat holes leaves!

  5. Funny how working outside can make you hurt in places you didn’t even know you had! You are so going to love it when he gets finished!

  6. I love that look of plants sitting all around!
    I have slugs eating everything I own. I bought sluggo as it is the safest thing to us. I wish these slugs would move on down the road and leave my plants alone!

  7. Oh, dirt! Without clay or rocks? I didn’t know that existed in Texas! Send some this way, I’ll be happy to take it. Perhaps the previous owners amended your yard? Whatever the reason, to a gardener that’s better than striking oil when the shovel goes into the ground. I can’t wait to see this deck soon…

  8. It’s still a lovely nursery, and it will be so fabulous when it’s finished. xo, suzy

  9. oh wow, you and me both, I did lots of gardening this weekend and ended up hurting my back pulling and pushing a pot I was trying to re-pot, I did succeed but ahhh

    anyway hope it feels better


  10. LOL This post just cracked me up. Not so much the aching soreness, just the infernal “messing”. That is what I tend to do. Sometimes I even do it to myself! 🙂
    I think your “nursery” (they are your babies right?) is beautiful and I hope it is never finished.
    Sadness about the leaf eater, I wonder if there is something natural you can put on or around it to keep them from completely eating it?

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. I know that it is a ‘good tired’. Love the progress.

  12. Something’s eating my trumpet vine, too; it’s almost gone!
    I am soooooo behind reading, I’ll never catch up!

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