Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 16, 2009

A Someday Pretty Yard


This is the purslane I stuffed underneath the pottery shard of the pot I broke just behind the pond. You just can’t beat that purslane for immediate gratification.


Here is Robert working his tail off on this yard. He told me last night, after he’d hauled endless wheelbarrows of dirt and he’d dug up endless roots from the ground, that he’d never in all his carpentry years encountered a yard with so many roots he had to deal with.

I helped out, finding places to dump dirt to spread. Picking through the dirt for roots. He’s right. Don’t think I’ve ever seen so many roots from so many sources in my whole life.

About 7 p.m., we called it quits and I drove out to get us a char-grilled chicken sandwich.


This was once my rock garden… I wonder if I’ll be able to salvage any plants from this? Robert says the sawdust is good for the plants…


To my chagrin, I have little of beauty to show you right now.


Hyacinth Bean vine creeping up to the white pot.


Truthfully, I don’t know what this is going to end up looking like. With Robert, I know it will be quite impressive. But every time he tells me where he’s doing what, I seem to promptly forget. All this construction talk is simply over my head. He’s told me to stop asking. I know he knows what he’s doing. So I shall just let him do his thing.


I do know that these bricks will be covered. The crepe myrtle tree you see in about the center will have decking all around it. I see Abi managed to get her butt in the photo yet again.

Below is our old nemesis, the thorn tree stump. Which is sprouting up and growing all over my yard. I swear it’s on steroids. We’d have to take part of the fence down to bring in a stump grinder. He has broken many electrical saw parts on the thing.

Robert looked at it yesterday and said if he couldn’t figure out how to get it down much farther, I might end up with something built on top of it. Hmm. It will be interesting to me and you to find out what will happen here.


I’m a little surprised that flowers have nerve enough to bloom under such conditions. Sawdust flying through the air. Dirt getting tossed every which a ways. Lumber strewn throughout the yard. But they do have an uncanny ability to rise to the task, don’t they?

Yes, I think this five foot tall specimen is actually the bee balm I knew I’d planted somewhere out here. Come, come little bees!


Can you believe we finally got this area cleared. I’m telling you, it was literally covered in layer upon layer of roots, big and small.





  1. I think your outdoor space is already gorgeous but can’t wait to see the finished project. It’s coming along so nicely.

  2. Looking good already!!!

  3. It’s coming along good Brenda.

  4. Oh, honey, clone Robert and send him over here to AL! This morning I tried digging a place for irises brought from home. I came upon masses of roots, plus stupid weed fabric that does not work but makes digging hard. I did not realize I had over-extended, until I went to answer the cell phone and could not get any words out. I thought I was going to faint. Lesson learned. I’ve got to find me a yard/handy man.

    So glad to visit you!

  5. It is going to be beautiful! Don’t worry..Robert (I think) is a genius! Look what he’s done!
    Your hyacinth bean is so lush! I guess my seeds were old, as only 1 came up. Will you save me some at the end of the summer? I sure would like to grow it on the arbor!

  6. Brenda, I can see that it will be lovely. I helped Bill remodel & expand our house, and finally, I now have an eye for these things. Yes, it will be beautiful. Tell Robert, great work.~~Dee

  7. I really love your indigo blue pottery in the garden- I’ve been wanting to add some of that to mine.

  8. That Robert is making your yard a work of art!

  9. Brenda, congratulations on your win! That rain gauge will look good in your garden! Boomer Sooner!
    Bee balm is majestic!

  10. WOW I can’t believe all the work Robert has gotten done. He is a hard worker! It is going to look fantastic…I am wondering about your comment that you have little beauty to show……..hmmmmmm(-: From my spot the garden looks pretty good to me!!!!(-:

  11. This is looking might good already Brenda – & yes, it’s probably better to ask no questions, just provide the coffee!
    Millie ^_^

  12. That first photo is gorgeous! Your garden is just getting another layer of beauty with all this work (sawdust and all!).

  13. Brenda,
    It will be gorgeous! It is already gorgeous. It will be even more so!

  14. oh my goodness your yard, pots and flowers are beautiful. lovely lovely photos.

    thanks for your comment on my blog: blogging is cheaper than therapy any day!

  15. heartbreaking what happened with this beautiful pot but look what you have done!!!!
    lemonade indeed!!!
    Thank you for all your kind words you have left on my blog….I will be visiting here everyday! You and your garden inspire me!

  16. Brenda, you have so many lovely things blooming in your yard, despite all the upheavals it’s experiencing right now. It’ll be downright gorgeous afterwards!

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