Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 14, 2009

Sleeping Critters


Can anyone tell me what may be wrong with this foxglove? It was green and lush a week ago. It’s pretty much in the shade, which is what I thought was the exposure for this plant. Though my neighbor thinks different. I need to look this up, as I’ve somehow forgotten.


Slowly emerging…


A shady corner…




Tuckered out underneath the computer table where I’m typing.


Sweet dreams, Bonnie…





  1. I don’t have any foxglove. Don’t know the answer. Your critters look quite content. Isn’t it sweet how they follow us around? Mine are often snoring at my feet.


    this is what I found.

    I just love your blog! I have added it to mine as one of my top 10. (you know it’s good when the top 10 category only has about 5 sites) πŸ™‚

    Happy planting and growing~

  3. I wish I could nap like that!

  4. Looks like a peaceful place to write and so is your garden. Thanks for stopping by my blog

  5. They look like little angels!!

  6. Hi Brenda, hmmm, not sure about the foxglove. Could it have been accidently sprayed with something? Overspray from cleaning or something like that? But the sleeping beauties are just perfect. Heart warming pets. πŸ™‚

  7. Love the picture of the doggies! How cute.

  8. Awwww! So cute!

  9. The sleep of the innocent! I love to peak at Coal while he naps…he looks so sweet, when awake he’s a nervous cat! I can’ help with the foxglove. Gail

  10. Isn’t it just so peaceful to have your furry friends by your side. Mine follow me around too and I love it. I think your foxglove is beautiful. Have no idea what may be wrong with it. It looks a little burned? Did you repot it? Maybe it needs less sunshine and more rain?
    Love your little pink bench!

  11. Brenda, turn the foxgloves leaves over and check for aphids. That is if you have not done that already.

  12. Ahhhh…your kitty has the cleanest paws!!! Mr. Ched and Mitz are impressed.

    Hugs, G

  13. Brenda, Be sure to read In the Garden tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  14. The fur babies look too sweet to believe .. mine can too even when I know they have been up to mischief ! haha
    I have foxglove .. they do get some sun mixed with shade and this perennial type has me happy so far .. it is coming back nicely from our rotten winter .. but it needs time to set the flower spike yet ..
    I’m not sure Brenda what might be the problem other than what Frances has suggested .. or the bit of sun they may need ? .. are they the same ones from last year in the same place ?

  15. Those puppy dogs are just precious!

  16. Beautiful critters. Foxgloves do require mostly shade in our hot climates. I think it’s a drainage issue either too much or not enough. Just my thoughts. They kinda like wet feet.~~Dee

  17. Like babies…they are so sweet when they are sleeping.
    β™₯, Susan

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