Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 7, 2009

Aloe Bloom About There


We’re about to the end of our journey watching the giant aloe bloom.

Strange looking specimen, isn’t it?


The hostas are starting to bloom. The blooms are fairly insignificant on these lovely perennials. It’s the foliage you want. Still, a bloom is a bloom…




Is a bloom.




  1. Stunning as always. It has been fun watching the aloe. I can’t believe your hostas are blooming already. I realized today that some of mine have much larger foliage than last year. They are probably loving all this rain we are having.

  2. Can’t wait to see it in full glory!

  3. Wow, the aloe bloom is great. I believe that’s a gladiolus bloom I see, too! They won’t be spectacular this year, but should do great next year.

  4. That is cool looking.

  5. Your aloe is awesome! Have you ever smelled the flowers of your hostas in late evening or at night? They can be quite fragrant!

  6. What is the plant in the very bottom pic?

  7. I can’t believe your hostas are starting to bloom. We are in basically the same area, and mine aren’t even close to blooming. Love the aloe bloom.

    Always Growing

  8. Your yard always looks so calm and quiet. Hard to believe you are just a block off Broadway!

  9. A little view of what I will see here in another few weeks. Except of course for the aloe bloom. Very unusual.
    ♥, Susan

  10. Beautiful aloe bloom! I just noticed one of my hostas have a bud too. Too early I am thinking but who am I to set Mother Nature’s bloom schedule?

  11. I have never seen a loe bloom before. It is gorgeous …anyway the bloom!

    Enjoy a lovely Mothers Day!

  12. I like your aloe bloom. You’ll get hummers coming to investigate, I bet.

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