Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 6, 2009

Yard In Disruption


Repotting this huge Boston Fern (the variety that will take some sun) was long overdue. This morning when Robert was here digging around stumps, I had him help me with this.


Now he’s busy doing this (below). Getting the wood on the house ready to paint. As you can see we’ve moved the container plants away from the doors.


And you can also see where he took out the fan palm, some shrubs and the stump where he removed a tree yesterday.

The fan palm is now in this pot. Since we don’t know where it’s ultimately going to go, it will be in this pot until after the decks are built.


Here’s the monster of a tree trunk he cut down before Christmas. We should have killed it somehow then. For now the roots are sending up small trees forty or fifty feet away. More strenuous action must now be taken. I am at war with this massive trunk.


I took a look at his plan laying on a table outdoors. I know it isn’t easy to decipher. The first (inner) drawing will be the wooden decks coming out on each side of the French doors (east and north sides of house). This is the first installment. Then, hopefully we will be able to afford to continue out with the deck where the wood in his drawing turns in the opposite direction and extends it farther out into the yard. I will probably want a porch roof, so he has to take all this into account when he starts the foundation of the decks.

We’re putting the idea of cutting down the crepe myrtle tree I mentioned yesterday on the back burner until the deck goes up. (I think Robert is very tired of digging out and around massive tree trunks…) Maybe we will prune it to look better. If that doesn’t suffice, we’ll take it out. I may just plant a Japanese Maple in a large pot on the deck. Pondering…pondering. Any ideas are certainly welcome here.




  1. Its going to be gorgeous you lucky girl!

  2. That will be amazing. I just remembered that when my sister in law had a big deck built two years ago, they went around the trees. It looks great!

  3. I like the way he’s laid out the wood, it will make a nice geometric shape!

  4. Hi Brenda, it is going to be so soothing and such a respite from the heat too. You may never want to go back into the house. A roof is a good idea. About that c. myrtle though, it is quite nice. I have seen large ones moved successfully so hope it can be saved for your neighbor if you don’t want it. If you are going for a roof anyway, shade is not an issue, but if not, you might want to leave it for that bit of shade. Even a large specimen maple will take a while to give the same shade. Those maples cannot live in pots indefinitely either, they need to be in the ground or will be short lived. Just saying. If you can find a spot near the deck, or even with a hole made for it, the maple would be better off than in a container.

  5. I would say Robert is a very busy man. Looking forward to how it all turns out.

  6. The potted up plants look fabulous(-:
    The new deck will be a really great addition too!
    A potted Japanese Maple would work too!!!

  7. Brenda…The plans look wonderful…and you will love the roof since you live in a rainy part of the states! I love maples in a containers and found a great site with tons of info on root pruning and choosing the right maple. Go to this site and down load their pdf file. It was helpful to me!


  8. That first photo is absolutely gorgeous. I’m enjoying the transformation, going on in your garden!

  9. This is going to be wonderful when it is finished! All of the hard work will definately be worth it..

  10. Your house already rocks! How much MORE can it rock!? =) hee hee

    I SO miss my garden back in IL. I have a few plants on my new deck, but it is not the same. (Sigh).

    Totally love your garden and how beautiful you have made it. Now…can you send Robert my way when you’re done with him?! hahaha

  11. I am already jealous- you are just making it worse 😉

  12. Brenda have you ever seen a deck mounted bird house? And would that make a huge mess on the deck? I really want a birdhouse and that’s the most logical place to put it (if you saw my house). Thought I’d ask you since you seem to know a lot about this stuff.

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