Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 5, 2009

Taking Down Trees


Today Robert took down another tree for me. A crepe myrtle. I’m thinking about having him take down another not far from where that one was.

Below, to the left, you can sort of see where he took one tree out. Then he trimmed back the fan palm there to make it easier to dig out and move to a large pot while we try to decide where to put it. Poor thing, it looks quite pathetic right now without its fans, which are huge by the way. Robert has a card for Sams, and we just got back from buying two very large ceramic pots to put the palm in, and possibly a bush for the time being. They were miraculously only $29.99 a piece.

And yes, the ugly black storm door goes and one that will blend in with the French doors adjacent to it will replace it. That ugly black door is embarrassing and I hate to even let you see it. But then the meter on the wall isn’t exactly beautiful, is it?


The one below is the one I’m thinking about taking out also. Kind of an ugly tree. But Walli who lives across the alley is calling her tree guy to see if its movable to her house. As one of her crepe myrtles has died. I do hate to take out trees. But I really want a Japanese Maple, and this would be the perfect spot for one right outside my dining room French doors.


Here is a view of the dining room two walls of French doors, though you can’t see the other side from this angle. The tree that would be taken out is the one to the far left. What do you guys think of a nice red Japanese Maple in its place? I do hate to take trees from the birds for any length of time. So I’d try and replace it quickly.

The decks will come out from the doors. We haven’t decided what will happen with the paths. Wanted to see what things look like once the decks are built.

I have wine bottles lined up outside one door, as you have probably noticed. I don’t drink wine. Just hate the taste of it. But my husband likes it occasionally. I’m pondering a little garden with the bottoms of the bottles lined up as a border, possibly. So I have them here for the moment. Probably should move them before someone thinks I work out in the garden and swig at a bottle. For anyone who sees me clumsily fall at times out here because I move too fast to watch what I’m doing, it is sheer klutziness and not because I’ve had a few.

A funny little story this suddenly reminds me of. Before we got married many moons ago, he offered me champagne. I took one small sip and threw it out. I told him it looked like piss (pardon my language) and tasted like vinegar. And I wanted no part of it. He about died because it was rather expensive.



  1. The work you have done on you place is impressive. Can’t wait to see the decks.

  2. Taking trees out is one of the hardest things to do. It’s usually worth it once you make up your mind to do it. Can’t wait to see what happens in your yard.

  3. Exciting times in your garden! It really is a lovely garden! There are a few trees I would take out if we had the budget. They are Very large! gail

  4. It looks so nice….I love the brick paths and borders.
    I live in your area. I’ve never had any luck with foxgloves, and I really want some in my garden. Do you grow them from seed? Are they perennial, or do they reseed? I’ve seen them in garden centers, but they never look very healthy, and are already blooming.

  5. Oh my goodness! I just absolutely love your garden. I definitely think a Japanese Maple will be the perfect complement to your lovely outdoor space. I am already looking forward to seeing future updates. Blessings, Sonia

  6. Hi,
    Have you ever considered pruning the crepe myrtles down to a different level? They do have pretty bark and when they bloom they are beautiful trees(-:
    I keep them with one main trunk and cut the rest out. But then I like pruning(-: I like to fit them into spots in the garden where its hot and I like color for the summer.
    I do understand about the Japanese Maple though I have three and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
    We have a large weeping willow that needs to be taken down someday soon. Its reached its max. and it hangs over the house in a certain spot. I don’t like that. It gets scary when the wind blows. But that is a huge expense for right now.
    The champagne story is a good one! I always liked the sparkling bubbley wine. Cheap stuff. Not the expensive nasty tasting wine or champagne(-:

  7. Hi Brenda,
    I love the idea of outlining a flowerbed with bottles. I saw it done in Fredericksburg and loved it. I like dessert wines from grapes such a Riesling and Moscato! I don’t care at all for dry wines.

  8. A Japanese maple just about anywhere can’t be beat, even by a crepe. Take it out and don’t think twice about it.

    JGH from NYACKS Backyard did a garden lined with wine bottles. I have a link to her post on my sidebar. You might check it out. I really like it and plan to do one at some point. Gotta make sure no one will break the bottles though.

  9. I like the idea of using the bottle border, too — different colours at different heights. It would be very pretty. 🙂 Great way to recycle the bottles, too! Your yard looks lovely.

  10. I think the Japanese Maple is a great idea. I would love to have one of those myself!
    This is going to be beautiful!

  11. Change can be difficult but is often its’ own reward. The garden looks so lush and your lawn…pristine! That was in the second post but I am catching up. Love the Japanese maples but which one are you thinking of putting in the garden? There are so many choices.

  12. Love that first photo! 😛

  13. Oh my goodness I FINALLY caught up! I have been reading for several days (although I didn’t start at the beginning) I thought it would take me MUCH longer to get current.
    What a lovely BLOG/Garden/Home! I love every single bit of it. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Oh Brenda, I am laughing at your Champagne story! That is tooooo funny!
    Good luck on all the work…it will be gorgeous!

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