Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 3, 2009

The New Patio Shall Begin


The time has come to start building the decks off the dining room French doors. Oh happy day! Robert will begin painting the house this week. He’ll put up a new storm door that leads to the garage. And then he’s laying the groundwork for my patio.

The plan is to build the deck alongside these doors. It is getting hard to keep leaves and weeds out of this rock. And I fear I’m going to scratch the new dining room floors tracking in gravel on my shoes.


I am standing in my front yard looking off to the west. Just beyond that oak tree, across the street, is where the new two-story bank is being built. (The one making all the noise with the construction!)


Now I’m standing toward the back of the west side of my yard close to the alley. It’s not directly across the street from my house. Poor Walli and Ken behind me across the alley have that to contend with.

Then one block away you can barely see the very busy Broadway. We shall be a little neighborhood tucked away in the pines with traffic just to the west. And there will be a new Marriott hotel just beyond those office buildings you see in the mid right-hand side. They’re in the midst of that construction also.

It’s going to get very congested on our little streets over here. I’m debating taking out my back fence entirely and having a tall brick wall erected.





  1. I can’t wait to see – it’s all so pretty already, but I know it will look even more fabulous with the patio.

  2. Hi Brenda, I am with you on the decking. If there is not an entryway with tile or something impervious to the gravel, it will ruin the wood floor. Too bad about all the construction around you. Hope the hotels are quite ones. It is the lighting they use they would worry me. The aloe is really getting pretty. Great shots, as usual. šŸ™‚

  3. Yup, I think I’d take out my fence and put in a big pretty brick wall. Classic colonial for sure. You might not ever know all the business is there. Your grass is so pretty!

  4. Oh Brenda…I think I know how you feel. Our neighborhood has had big changes since they bulldozed a beautiful farm for a strip mall! Just what we needed another Target! NOT. We are so glad we have a wide forsythia hedge across the front of our house…we have privacy and it cuts down on noise! gail

  5. The brick wall would be so nice! I would do that if I could afford to too! That would end all the noise and sight from all that going on! Love the photos today too(-:

  6. From the dining room out, this project is coming along beautifully. I can’t wait to see if you put in the decking. To separate your property from all of the building going on, I can understand your desire to put up a brick wall, and maybe a lining of fast growing bushes, and perhaps a moat (lol). All kidding aside, it must be very aggravating.
    ā™„, Susan

  7. I can’t wait to see your deck, I know it will be great, Robert rocks!

  8. Tell me why they have to have a bank on every corner! I don’t get it!
    Anxious to see the new patio–I think we all need a Robert! šŸ™‚

  9. wow-I cannot get over how GREEN your grass is! We’re a month (at least) away from that!

  10. Brenda, Welcome to me Blog. I’m sorry to hear about your arthritis. I know how hard it is on the hands and wrists. I also knit and my hands get sore. But I checked out this gardening site and it’s just beautiful! I envy this. I live in PA, and I have a few small gardens, but it takes almost until June til they start looking good. Good luck with your patio

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