Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 2, 2009

Foxglove Beauty


I love foxglove. And this one is getting massive. I’m going to either have to repot it or divide it after it stops blooming, I suppose. I’m assuming that’s the time to repot it.

I bought this at Home Depot yesterday.


I’m considering putting it in this pot I also bought while I was there. It’s one of those light weight pots that looks like ceramic.


Here is the aloe bloom today. I had to snip off a bit of the aloe plant just now. Burned myself on my panini maker fixing my lunch. It feels so good to apply that wonderful stuff to a burn.




  1. Your foxglove is beautiful. Mine got attacked by fungus last year. So far I have not seen it come back this spring. I wonder what an Aloe plant would apply to a cut…if it could šŸ˜›

  2. The foxglove is really pretty. They were all over the Arboretum.
    I need an Aloe plant..I get cut or burned all the time!
    (LOVE the yellow pot!)

  3. I am patiently waiting for your aloe to fully bloom. I’m checking the progress everyday!
    Hope your burn heals quickly.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment at my place and so sorry you had such troubles when you bought your place. I bet you feel like you are living in a “new” house now!

  4. Love the foxglove ,can’t wait to see the aloe in full bloom so intriguing.I love the color of that pot, that is such a happy color!
    Hope your burn feels better silly goose!
    PS~ Another blizzard today but it didn’t stay on the ground thank heaven!

  5. I’m thinking divide and send some my way:))

  6. Somehow I have lost my aloe plant. Durn. Love the foxglove.

  7. Your foxglove is beautiful! I was at Lowes today and they had a pale yellow foxglove. I didn’t like the color. I wish they had the one you have!

    Love the mustard colored pot too!

  8. I love Foxgloves, but have never had much luck with them in my garden. Your new plant will look great in that new container. Nice contrast! The Aloe bloom is interesting, I’ve never seen one bloom before. Sorry about your burned finger, I do that all the time! šŸ™‚

  9. I love foxgloves too! Mine do much better in pots. I have tried them in the ground too. Maybe it is because I cut off the dead flowers instead of letting them go to seed.
    I love your new plant and pot too!!!!

  10. Oh the foxglove is beautiful! I really like that new yellow pot too!

  11. I love the foxglove, it’s a plant I’ve been wanting to add, and your photo makes me want it even more. And I like the cordyalis purplish color in that yellow pot – great combo. Sorry you burned yourself, but glad you had aloe to fix it! Are those north Texas storms headed your way tonight?

  12. That aloe bloom is so pretty! Mine has never bloomed. It keeps getting bigger and making babies, but no blooms!

    Your foxglove is pretty, too. I’m hoping to find ‘Candy Mountain’ this year and try that one.

  13. Hi Brenda, the flax plants looks awesome with that new planter and that aloe, oh my! Foxglove is such a favorite, you gotta love it! xo,suzy

  14. Brenda,
    The Foxglove is beautiful. I have never grown foxglove. I may have to look for some! I do finally have a daisy about to bloom. I have been envious of your recent blooms!

  15. What a gorgeous foxglove you have there! It’s one of my favorite “english garden” flowers.

  16. The foxglove is beautiful. And that yellow planter — I may have to check out our Home Depot for one of those. I can’t believe it’s not a 100 pound ceramic.

  17. I’m fully intending to have a group of foxgloves sometime. I had them in San Francisco and they were so beautiful. I wonder how they would like life in the Ozarks?

    That aloe bloom is amazing. I have a very healthy aloe that I use for burns, etc. But I’ve never seen it bloom. Maybe this year.

  18. Oooh, and ahhh. I love Foxgloves too. They don’t like it here much, but every so often I buy them in bud and plant them in partial shade. They might make it two seasons, and the darn things don’t reseed for me. I like your container and plant combination. Very striking.~~Dee

  19. Brenda, you know what one of the things I love about your blog is; aside from the awesome photography of gorgeous settings, and engaging writing? It’s that these over-50 eyes can easily read what you write. So many blogs I go to have teeny little font, or the writing is against a very dark background, both of which cause me serious eye strain! I love the clean whilte background and decent sized font you use. I just wanted to let you know that. šŸ˜‰

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