Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 28, 2009

Gazing Through The Daisies


Is this a Black-eyed Susan above? So many things are coming up in the garden that I can’t even remember what I’ve planted.

Today’s status of the aloe bloom…


A little blue gazing at me from one of the daisy patches.


Yes, I am beyond la-la with the poppies.


I love these carefree yuccas. Such interesting color and texture.


Isn’t this bee balm planted in front of the bush? If so, is it supposed to be nearly four feet tall???


I seem to be on a roll finding oddities in the garden. See this plant spike piercing through the poor foxglove? Think it hurts?


A better look…



I know this doesn’t have any pretty blooms. But it isn’t beeping! I have my new refrigerator. The beeping monster has been hauled away to beeping hell or wherever they take such things. My new refrigerator was delivered yesterday afternoon, with a lot of measuring.

It couldn’t be brought past the aquarium. Oh Lord no. They couldn’t get it through the garage, which is just off my kitchen. Finally, through the courtyard and my Target gazebo they came, delicately pushing the dolly, two men trying to not be bulls in a china cabinet.




  1. The fridge is a beauty!! Love the color!
    Your daisy’s are sooo pretty, the spiking plant is halarious, I feel for the foxglove tho ouch….
    Can’t wait to see that yucca bud in its full glory,quite the picture you have there ..gorgeous…
    By the way… I can see grass in my yard YIPEEEE still have snow piles but they are much less now… its actually milder now today is plus 5 a miracle I tell ya!!

  2. Hi Brenda! Your daisies are beautiful! Your fridge is a do realize how huge they are when they are coming through the door.

  3. just randomly stumbled on your blog, and the first pic of flower there looks to be a coreopsis, i too feverishly plant seeds then they appear, and i’m left scratching my head awhile, it’s green-thumb schitzophrenia…..for me at least…

  4. That lemon balm is getting tall! We need to pick some for our tea!
    Love the Daisies! They are such happy flowers!

  5. You do have some interesting things in your garden!
    With or without blooms, that new fridge is a beaut! Isn’t it strange the things that make us happy. You have a new fridge that doesn’t beep and I’ve got a new dryer coming (2 weeks!) that buzzes! LOL

  6. Brenda, just what’s on my wish list: a side-by-side!

    Everything in your garden is growing to be HUGE!


  7. Hi Brenda, the mystery plant looks like coreopsis ‘Jethro Tull’. Your photos are so crisp, I love the poppies, especially at the stage you have shown. Ours have just started blooming too. I love the blowsy petals. Hooray for no beeping. And imagining a beeping hell is pretty scary! I wonder which level that would be in Dante’s Inferno? HA

  8. I love your new fridge(-: What a beauty!
    I bet you are thrilled beyond measure!
    Is the yellow/gold flower a coreopsis? I have some too(-: Not blooming yet though(-:
    Your other flowers/plants are lookin’ good!

  9. Love the daisies! I know you are so happy with the new frige. I don’t know how you took that beeping; it would have driven me crazy.

    Always Growing

  10. Brenda, it looks like a coreopsis to me. Glad you got rid of the beeping nightmare machine.

  11. Oh, I actually recognize the top yellow flower! A Gallardia (sp?) I had that last year. Love the refrigerator. Soon…soon I will be working in my new gardens!

  12. Hi Brenda,
    Awesome photos. I love the spike through the leaf-not that I have violent tendencies or anything! hee hee. I have daisies, but mine aren’t blooming yet! I’m jealous! Love your new fridge too!

  13. The yuccas really are very nice! Your garden gets lovelier by the day!

  14. Brenda! Can’t get ove all the lush folliage and blossoms in your garden!! That’s what mine looks like in June!! Beautiful!!

  15. Brenda, I’m so happy for you that you got a new refrigerator! How’s the construction noise doing outside? Your garden is looking glorious, can’t wait to see more of those poppies!

  16. Every day is exciting in May isn’t it…oh, wait, it is still April but the warmth has pushed May growth. We will all enjoy! Looks like you have enough room in that refrigerator for a nice, large pitcher of lemonade or mojitos! The poppies look like alien birth.

  17. Thank goodness for the new fridge!

    That bee balm will be 4 ft tall before you know it, you just wait.
    xo, suzy

  18. Brenda, as Frances says, the yellow flower is Coreopsis ‘Jethro Tull.’ I have this in my garden and while it isn’t vigorous for me here, it keeps coming back and I still like it.
    Beautiful photos, as usual!

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