Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 26, 2009

Spider’s Web


Isn’t this spider web pretty? So intricately made.




Sunday’s progress of the aloe bloom…




  1. Never in my life have I seen an aloe plant that big or in bloom for that matter!

  2. I love spider webs too! Growing up we always had huge garden spiders with their big webs around the house. They bounce when someone comes near…have you seen that? My mother would never allow anyone to hurt them. Now I’m the same way.

  3. The web is pretty but where is the spider??? Climbing up your leg? Yikessss(-:
    Yesterday while the DH was bbqing he heard a rattle….well he said it was a big rattle snake about 4 feet long. It slithered away under the wood pile. There are lots of ground squirrels living under the woodpile too so that must be what the rattle snake has eating. Now I have to be extra careful outside.

  4. I love that spider web. Somewhere in my collection is a picture of a web all spangled with dew. What made it most wonderful was the fact that it was built between the antlers of a deer skull I had hanging on the fence. I’ll have to look that out.

    Also, I have been surfing your site today and thoroughly enjoyed your tour of the gardens.

  5. Help yourself to the pictures.
    Your photos are so beautiful. You have
    wonderful scenery to use for your subjects, too.
    I am not a big spider fan, but that web is just glorious. it looks like white silk thread.
    Enjoy your day!

  6. Look how pretty those pics are! I wandered over from Kim’s & love gardening too. I’ve been out there planting myself & love to do those outdoor projects.

  7. I love your spider web photo. I just can’t seem to be able to take a picture of the ones I see in my garden. They just don’t seem to show up. Your water photos make me feel as if I am right there. Looks like you had a nice, relaxing Sunday.

    Always Growing

  8. Dear Brenda, your garden is so inviting and your spider web photo, amazing! I’m so behind catching up now that my garden calls … dashing in and out between stunning weather, storms, and ball games for the grandboys.

  9. Love the spider web! They are so interesting!
    Brenda, how long did it take your hyacinth bean to come up? I am getting worried about mine too!

  10. Ha ha, I am like Cindee…where is the spider??? Eeek! I sure am enjoying watching the progress of the aloe spike.

  11. I love stopping by here nearly every day to see your photos! The spider web is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing and starting off my day with these treasures!

  12. Great capture on the spider web Brenda! I am thinking about getting a container pond for the patio…wouldn’t one sweet water lily look nice! I just realized that is an aloe houseplant (here) and I have never seen one bloom before! gail

  13. Fantastic photos! Oh to have a lily pond like yours….I love it.
    ♥, Susan

  14. Gorgeous! I love the water lilies the most.

    PS: I am adding you to my blogroll today, long overdue.


  15. Great shot of the spider web! You need just the right time of day to capture those beautiful works of art. 🙂

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