Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 24, 2009

Tour Of The Side Yard


This is a tour of my side yard. Here you are coming in the front gate.

Today’s progress of the aloe bloom. You wonder just when it’s going to stop pointing heavenward.


About fifteen feet inside the gate, you see my Target gazebo. It’s held up for about three years now.


Now we’ve wound round that brick path you see beginning above.


Yep, that’s the whole scope of it. I make it look bigger than it actually is, don’t I?

Just to the left of that brick path is my dining room. And my two walls of French doors.


Just around this circular brick flowerbed, you see the north side of the house. Unfortunately we have ugly things like meters that don’t beautify the space any.


Isn’t this called Creeping Jenny?


Here we’re looking out from about the French doors facing west to the back. See the little pond down toward the back?


Here’s the back in about the center.


Looking toward the left.


Looking to the right.


A better view of the pond.


I have to put a lot of garden in a fairly small space, as I live in a garden home. Just to the east of me is another house. Instead of fences, we meet up to the brick wall of the next door neighbor.

I try to capture all the “real estate” of dirt I can for garden purposes.

I’d love to see your garden spots.



  1. You have a good eye for landscaping Brenda, I just love it.
    Its like a cool oasis from the loud fast world.
    I would be happy here.

  2. I can’t imagine taking care of all that. How many hours a day does it take to maintain your garden? It is gorgeous! Hell I’m doing good to keep a few patio/deck pots alive for the whole summer and they don’t even get put out until end of May. Buds are just now starting to appear on trees but no leaves yet. Grass is turning green now but cutting won’t start until sometime in May. You would HATE Michigan, good thing you’re in Texas.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Oh Brenda,
    It turned out gorgeous! I am so glad you opened up your home with beautiful french doors! I could also live outside in your wonderland of a garden and the other beautiful surroundings.
    I am so happy for you for all the remodeling which created a sanctuary for your bird friends pets and a plethora of pretty plants.
    Thank You for your sweet comment on the post about my sister. I do miss her and try where I can with her children and g-grandchildren to share the love their mom would have done if she were here.

    Your comment meant a lot!

  4. Reminds me of the Savannah gardens! We have dwarf mondo between the stones on our walking path too. In Savannah we saw it so thick that the stones were just surrounded by it. I loved that look…so more dwarf mondo is on my list.

    Having a small but beautiful garden sounds great to me!! I will show some pictures of mine soon. We are just now planting annuals.

  5. Well I just love your garden spot and your garden home. You’ve made it a very nice spot indeed.

  6. Yes that is creeping jenny…. I love that stuff….. your garden is perfect….. you have really made the most of your space….. love your water feature…

  7. oh my it is gorgeous! must be a lot of work, i love it!

    are they sleepers on the floor? love the old wood in amongst all the greenery and the curved path, block paved, it reminds me of my house in england, in fact it reminds me of an english garden with all the pots

    have a good weekend brenda


  8. Love the walkway through your yard Brenda. I walked through with a cup of coffee in hand, enjoying every detail. ( Yep, that’s creeping jenny! ) I may need to stroll through again some evening…this time I’ll be having a glass of wine! 🙂

  9. Love it! Love it! Love it!
    Brenda, is that a duck in your pond? You really put a fire under me to get out tomorrow and get some stuff done!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I love your garden. Thanks for sharing your great pictures!!!!
    If you come up with a little slogan I can make your signature for you(-: I am working on a tutorial so that you can add it to your blog(-:

  11. What a lovely oasis in a busy world! I am very jealous because in southern Canada we are just starting to sprout and have to make the most of the short growing season. I love your colourful beds and the pathways. In a couple months I can send pics of my garden, it does look nice eventually. Thanks!

  12. Brenda,
    Your garden is so welcoming. You keep it in tip top shape too! Was it all gravel when you moved in?

  13. It is magically wonderful!

  14. Hi Brenda! Your yard and gardens are so pretty! You have so many beautiful plants and I really like the curving pathway.
    I was just at Gretchen’s blog and she showed the little chicks you sent her! That was so sweet of you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Sheila 😉

  15. Simply breath-taking! And you have a pond! We have one at the new house. The pump is not working, of course. Can you recommend a book? I know nothing about these ponds.

  16. Just pack your bags and come finish mine.
    You are awesome my Garden Queen friend.


  17. Your side garden is lovely with the iron gate & arch. I love the variety of materials you have used for your paths, your garden has alot of texture & color. 🙂

  18. What a lovely garden you’ve cultivated, Brenda. I especially like that view across the pond to the garden bench and yucca? sotol? Very eye-catching.

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