Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 23, 2009

Energetic Orange


Isn’t this interesting how this Angel’s Trumpet broke through the adjacent leaf?


Orange is such an energetic, “get you out of the chair and moving” color.






  1. I love your close ups Brenda I can almost smell the flowers !!
    God bless the macro shots !

  2. I like orange flowers too! Especially mixed with red and yellow..then add a touch of blue or purple. Ummmmm!

  3. How did that leaf do that? You are so good about noticing the smallest details. That’s quite a gift.

    Thanks for your comment about my forgetfulness. I’m off to make a list now…and tape it to my purse. 🙂

  4. That is really neat. It is totally determined to grow. I thought when I saw the verbena you would talk about orange and purple. A favorite color combination for me.

  5. Wow! Energetic indeed, Brenda … I might not sleep tonight 🙂 Is that a bursting poppy? Expecting temps in low 80s the weekend … my garden will certainly get a jolt after the past frigid 4 days.

  6. that angels trumpet is cool!
    I love orange flowers too(-: I have a geum blooming and I really need to get a picture. It is a good companion color to my Laura Bush rose(-:

  7. Very nice! I love the orange!

  8. It is always amazing to watch growing plants push their way through anything that is in their way…Orange is energetic! It’s taken me a few seasons, but orange is now being added to the garden…it was so needed with all that purple I have! I have decided to stay away from the bluebirds…and you? gail

  9. Is that last photo a poppy “popping” out of it’s covering? Mine are blooming like crazy now; Chili eats a few every day, hope he doesn’t start to hallucinate!

  10. Good morning Brenda!

    Your pictures are more and more amazing every time I visit you. I hope you’re framing some of these, because they are definitely frame worthy 🙂

    Oh and I can’t resist baby birds either 😉


  11. Great closeups Brenda. Orange is definitely a “get you out of your chair kind of color”! It always reminds me of the bright blooms of summer. 🙂

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