Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 22, 2009

Earth Day Blooms


This reminds me of old-fashioned petticoats. Ladies dancing on Earth Day and swishing their skirts to and fro.

Here is today’s progress of the ever-evolving aloe bloom.




Happy Earth Day, my gardening friends!




  1. I have never ever seen an aloe that big,its huge , will it get bigger?? WOW
    Love the first pic of flowers ,are they sweet pea? love that fresh green color,it does remind me of petticoats too.
    As for my grocery shopping excursion , we bought different crackers esp flavors that we dont get, I buy cornbread mix we cant get that either , my son loves it with chili ,he lived in Houston and Louisiana for a few years he acquired a taste for it,I got lots of Thai condiments we can’t get,and I bought the whole selection of Watkins spices,in Canada I have to order online if I want it and it costs double here too,we bought special BBQ sauces,also of all the odd things you get a better noodle and pasta selection than we do,the Coffee Mate flavours blows me away, we get regular and light thats it.
    All sorts of little things that my daughter and I saw and we both said WOW at the same time,our grocery order was huge because she bought the same as I did…. so funny….. and oh of course you guys get a better snack like chips and other thingies selection than we do, its unreal the variety.
    Plus a bigger cereal selection.I bought some books to read at WallMart for about $5.00 each here in Canada that same book would of cost me 12.99 that kills me when I see that.
    I didn’t go crasy but I did find lots of fun things that we can’t get here.
    We can’t bring fresh anything across the border like fruit or meat etc..not even flowers… how unfair…..I saw the most gorgeous Gerber Daisy plant but noooooo I had to leave it there,also saw gorgeous rose plants…. sigh…….

  2. Your green Earth Day photos are so pretty! Love the blue birdbath! Makes me want to get outside and dig in the dirt!

  3. Pretty pictures Brenda. Happy Earth Day to you too!

  4. Happy Earth Day Brenda. How did you like the heat today?

  5. That aloe bloom is awesome! And happy Earth Day to you too.

  6. That aloe just blows me away, I would love to get one of those to bloom for me! xo, suzy

  7. I love watching that aloe spike swell and grow.

  8. The aloe is beautiful. Your garden just makes me drool!

  9. Hi Brenda, lovely photos and what a huge aloe! Is that first photo of snapdragons? I can’t quite place the bloom from the photo. And the blue birdbath, wow! It’s so pretty, I want one too;-)

  10. Brenda, the green “petticoat” flowers – the way you photographed them make them look like they were behind frosted glass. I know you probably didn’t intend that but the effect is GORGEOUS! Sometimes there are surprises in our photos, aren’t there! The colors are soooo pretty!

  11. Yours is one of the loveliest garden I have seen….

  12. Happy Earth Day Brenda. I can’t wait to see the Aloe Bloom when it opens. 🙂

  13. Ooh, I love that aloe! So exciting. Happy Earth Day!

  14. Brenda, I never knew aloe bloomed! Live and learn. Too pretty!
    It sure was warm here today, wasn’t it?
    Keep posting those gorgeous garden pics for me to ohh and ahh over.

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