Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 21, 2009

Essence Of Joy


Ah, April in the garden. A cherished and special and fleeting time.

New beginnings…


I think of the overnight phenomena, Susan Boyle of Scotland, who gave us all seven minutes of sheer delight just over a week ago. Now the whole world can’t get enough of her.

Frumpy and gray-haired and overweight, she is the reason people still believe. A story that brings tears to cynics, a voice that is the true essence of joy. When I look at this daisy, just beginning to open its petals, I surely think of her.


A woman, who says she’s never been kissed. Made fun of by children in the small Scottish village where she lives in her apartment with her beloved cat Pebbles. I think of her one day in a fine dress, singing before royalty, as brilliant as this flower.



  1. Susan Boyle is so awesome. She just makes me smile!

    As I said in my post today- I just wish we could hit pause on all these Spring blooms. Heaven!

  2. I think she is so cool! That is a real feel good story for all of us!

  3. I have to check this out I haven’t seen it yet!

  4. WOW!!!!
    That little woman sure can belt one out I just love her!!!!!

  5. Love your garden ! I also LOVED the look on Simon’s face:)!!! What a very talented lady. Susan Boyle is going to make beautiful music.

    I saw on a late news show where they do a computerized make over and she looked beautiful!

    Even if that doesn’t happen, what a gift she has to share.


  6. I believe Susan has a gift from God. I pause and imagine all of Heaven smiling when she sings.
    Thank you for this post and for your beautiful photos from your garden. You have a gift from God too. Thank you for sharing with us….pause and smile.

  7. Gosh, I’ve heard her sing but didn’t know the rest of that story. I surely hope that something wonderful happens for her. I like your flower analogy.

  8. I was amazed by Susan also. I hope she wins and can sing for the Queen. What a honor that would be for her. She deserves much happiness. I hope she makes it big time!!!!
    The flowers are beautiful!

  9. Wasn’t she something, I couldn’t get over the look of pure joy that came over Simon’s face when she started singing. 🙂

  10. Her voice is absolutely amazing. What a treat to appreaciate talent instead of looks.

  11. Your poppies are fantastic, so lush, looks like you are in the tropics!
    Debbi says she’s ready to head east, we need to get together and decide when to go to Blue Moon.

  12. I think she is refreshingly simple with an unexpected voice. I wish her all good things and hope she continues to sing for all of us.

  13. True beauty is internal 😉

  14. Brenda – well said – I watched the utube and cried just about all the way thru it… I was so moved. Nice spring post there!

  15. Yes, I recently watched her video and heard her sing with THE most amazing voice! She IS an inspiration and full of beauty!

  16. Susan Boyle is amazing! If by chance any of you are at Facebook you can become a fan of hers. She’s so sweet when she updates.

    Brenda did you by any chance read Margaret & Helen’s latest blog post (from yesterday)? She mentions Susan Boyle too.

  17. She was remarkable…and what a great personality. g

  18. I hear ya Brenda and I agree! With a bit of a (and NOT extreme) makeover and some new clothes, I think Susan is just about ready to dazzle on all counts right now. It’s nice to see a ‘real’ person honored for a change, not just another singing mannequin. 😦

    Hugs and Happy Earth Day, G

  19. i love that blue ball!! i hope you submitted to the earth mosaic 2009 on flickr! tho’ i heard they got overwhelmed and it wouldn’t accept all that wanted to submit to it. and susan boyle is amazing indeed. i wonder what she thinks of the madness her life has undoubtedly become.

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