Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 19, 2009

I Am The Intruder


It seems I’ve become an intruder in my own yard. You can ask her why this is.



Every time I open the door she sets up her irate squawking. I never thought a loud protest could come from such a tiny bird. But she’s protecting this, which is filled with baby birds she won’t let me near. And we don’t blame her, do we?


We all know how angry I’ve made the Eastern bluebirds for daring to tiptoe up and peek in.


This hardy geranium comes back year after year. I just chop it down to the soil every winter. It will have red blooms.


This aloe bloom is an inch or so taller every single morning when I check it. Last year we followed the bloom to its pinnacle of glory. We shall do the same this year. No, I don’t have a life.


Several of you have asked me about this, wondering what in fact it was. I suppose its rather tall for parsley. It is an anomaly of sorts. But then I’m too lazy to actually do something like cook, so it doesn’t get harvested. If you live near me, come get all you want.




Soon the small pond will be filled with plants. Others are lurking underneath the water.


Survivor and Spot will be happy about that. Although Clyde has never bothered with them, thank goodness.




  1. Oh my, I wish I had you here to teach me how to photograph birds. I have chased a Hummingbird all week. I continue to admire your skill as a photographer. Just delightful pictures. Thank you for your obvious love of what you plant and your delight in your home.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments today! I love your pond! Wish I had one in my backyard.
    Also wishing I could get my lawnmower to start –
    so do my neighbors! Nothing but weeds to take photos of right now. . .

  3. I am so jealous! Your pond area is already blooming! I am waiting for the pond plants to take off–that Heron is still lurking around wanting dinner. We had to put up line around the pond hoping to keep him out!
    Everything looks really pretty Brenda!

  4. I am in awe of your talents. It is such a treat to visit your space.
    Blessings, Sonia

  5. The chickadee sure can give you an earful. I get the same here when I go too close to the birdfeeder. I simply explain that it IS ME who feeds the silly things then go about my business. They don’t seem to mind so much then:) That parsley looks really good. I bet you have tons of caterpillars.

  6. These are great. I especially love the openness of the stem/leaves holding that bud in the first photo; it looks like an open hand.

  7. Once again outstanding pictures! I love your pond. I can’t seem to get my waterlillies to grow they keep looking like something is eating them all the time or they were rotting. Someone said they don’t like their leaves splashed on. I tried putting them in a bucket and that didn’t work either! I guess I will keep trying! I am getting nothing done this afternoon. I have to take the dogs for a walk in a min and then go to a bbq. I did manage to get a potato salad and deviled eggs made plus some ranch dip for the chips! I am getting hungry!(-: Have a fun evening!

    CiNdEeS’ GaRdEn

  8. Hello Brenda,
    Been busy with baseball, quilts and work so I haven’t stopped by in a while. Hope you had a great Easter. See you are still taking those beautiful pictures.
    Have a great day!

  9. Brenda, your photos are always amazing. They inspire me to paint!

  10. Dreams to reality! Love the birds and their trill is small price to pay for housing and babies.

  11. That aloe sure is pretty. I understand all about checking on those flower spikes every day. Enjoy it!

  12. I was harrassed by a house wren all last summer – it’s amazing how ferocious those little birds can be when protecting their babies!

    The aloe is very cool – never saw one budding or blooming before.

    And I love your pond Brenda!

  13. I did not realize that you have two blogs. The photography is amazing on this one also. You and your camera are a great team. What a joy to visit this blog.

  14. I love your pond and the photos of it. I do wish I had one. We used to have one in Texas and it was just so fascinating. Is that your coreopsis blooming? Mine’s about to pop too. Lovely!

  15. Love the pond pictures! 🙂 Have a great week Brenda.

  16. I don’t remember that geranium, it’s lovely. Your plants are huge, they look like they are all on steroids! It finally quit raining here, now I have a true bog garden, haha!

  17. Brenda, this is so funny – I had Koi also named Survivor and Spot! Alas, the last of them went to the Blue Heron and Raccoon, and I finally stopped putting them in the pond because it was too heartbreaking to lose them. I love those baby birds – I don’t get to seem them in my yard, so I’ll vicariously be their Aunt through your brave posts. Your photos are awesome today. I recently saw a Fennel plant as large as your parsley, and I think I need to start planting food in my flowers and not harvest! The plants are gorgeous.

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