Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 14, 2009

New Saltwater Fish


Isn’t he/she gorgeous? This is my new Tang. This fish was added by “The Aquarium Kids” (as I refer to them; the couple who come in once per month to see to my saltwater tank) yesterday.


I haven’t decided what to name him yet. He is my second Tang. Here is the first one, Sunny.


There was a bit of chasing by Sunny when the blue Tang was added to the tank. This seems to be what the latest fish does when a new one is added. I suppose they get territorial.

Here is the tank last month. We just set this 90 gallon tank up a couple of months ago.


In a saltwater tank, with live sand and live rock (brought from the ocean), you will see things grow out of that rock and sand. Shells will appear and so do other random creatures.

Here it is today, not quite a month later… See how purple the rock has become?


A saltwater tank gets more colorful as time goes on. After all, it is like a small ocean.



Some type of yellow sponge has grown out of a rock here in the photo below. It has what appears to be plastic coming out the end. Of course it isn’t. I don’t know what it’s called.

Those little clear flower-like things are called feather dusters, I understand. They open and close like little fists.


Anyway, this Tang is obviously camera shy, as I’ve been trying to get a proper photo all morning. But Sunny has settled down and has ceased chasing him all over the tank. Any ideas for a name for the blue Tang?



  1. Oh Brenda, I just love this!! My vet’s office has a huge Aquarium in the center of the waiting area which reminds me of yours. You have the neatest house and gardens.

  2. It is so pretty. I’ve always wanted fish but have never had them. My 6 kitties would probably love it! πŸ˜‰

  3. It must be fascinating to be able to watch that on a daily basis. Sunny looks like he’s smiling. If he weren’t bright yellow, I’d think that was why you named him sunny, because of his ‘sunny’ disposition. πŸ˜‰

  4. WOW….. that is amazing….. it must be just fascinating to watch….. those colors are just glorious…..

  5. They are so colorful they look artificial! Busy day at the bluebonnet trails; I’m exhausted.

  6. It is just so pretty!

  7. I like the name Skye or Sky… it fits his blue color and goes nicely with Sunny πŸ˜‰

  8. Gorgeous! My friend has a saltwater tank too.
    Amazing what little beauties those coral are…

  9. Your salt water tank is so wonderful, and your new fish is lovely, but I do have to say, I like Sunny better. What an appropriate name. We used to have a fresh water tank, and I found it so relaxing to watch the fish.

    Always Growing

  10. Wow–these are beautiful fish! I’ve never know anyone with a salt water tank before. I think watching fish is one of the most relaxing things you can do!

  11. Hi Brenda,
    I agree with Tabbie, I would name the new fish, Sky. Your aquarium is beautiful. You have beautiful colors inside and out!

  12. Your aquarium is wonderful. I love the fishes.

  13. Wow, what brilliant colors. Tang is amazing! So lovely to gaze at an aquarium after a long day…lucky you! Hugs, G

  14. Beautiful! Gives me a smile this morning.

  15. Brenda, You ight like this…I thought you meant to type…This is my new Tank! Then you repeated it! So the beautiful fish are Tangs! They are so vividly colored. Gail

  16. ps..Here is the ‘m’ I forgot to type…it’s might not ight! gail

  17. Those are some bright fishes! I bet it is very calming to just sit and watch them.

  18. Brenda!!!! That is mind blowingly fantastic! I had no idea there even was such a thing as a living salt water tank. The two tangs are blindingly beautiful. And the growth on the rocks is miraculous. I am running out of superlatives here! Sponge Bob Squarepants lives in your tank! HA

  19. What a gorgeous color your new fish is Brenda! πŸ™‚

  20. He is quite beautiful and now you have complementary colors in the tank. How about ‘Lapis’ or ‘Sapphire’?

  21. Hi Brenda, I love your fish aquarium…it relaxes me just looking at it.
    You have such a talent for photography, always taking the most beautiful pictures.
    I just read the post on the fridge beeping…just a thought, but have you tried to take the filter out and put it back in? Seems like I had to do that once? (Have mercy I know about fridge probs…I’m on my 3rd new one in 3 or 4yrs.) LOL
    Thanks for sharing your lovely garden and home with us!

  22. Wow the fish are so pretty! I love their colors! The aquarium is awesome too! I love the changes. It would be so fun to see the ocean things grow like that!

  23. Brenda,

    I absolutely LOVE your Aquarium! How relaxing and fun to have you very own ocean. Your fish are beautiful and it is interesting to see the changes and growth that happens.
    Aquariums are known to be calming!
    Love it!

  24. I LOVE those fish! They are so beautiful! And SMILING? I love them.

  25. I think you should name him/her Dorey like from finding nemo.

    those fish are so viberant

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