Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 10, 2009

I Dreamed Of Having…


When I was a little girl in the sixties, I dreamed of having a little house of my very own. It would be filled with color. It would have bright yellow walls. The sunshine would spill in the windows and dapple the hardwood floors.


I would make quilts to cover the beds. I would have stacks of fabric folded neatly on the shelf. I would sit and stitch to the melody of thunderstorms and rain…

Life would be grand.


The house would smell like apple pie. There would be crayon-colored rugs to brighten the floors. I would live a life in perpetual polka dots and rainbows.


I would have red lampshades with dangling jewels.


There would be furry pets to cuddle. I would have many books to keep me company.


And a garden of my very own…


Pretty cut flowers in glass jars would grace the tables.


I would have a desk and a wooden chair and a can of always-sharpened Number 2 pencils.


There would be crockery and plates and teapots and folded napkins.


My dreams would come true…


I would be ever so happy in my color-filled house…


Filled with things I collected along the way.


  1. How lovely, Brenda…seems that some of those childhood dreams have become realities for you. These little insights to your colorful world always make me smile.
    ♥, Susan

  2. You dreamed your dreams and made them come true! Next week I will share something with you that you just made me think of.

    Have a happy Easter!

  3. Brenda,
    It sounds like a dream come true!

  4. I am glad your dreams came true…you’ve created a warm and inviting home and the spirit that is you just spills out! gail

  5. And your dream came true. You’ve truly created all that you dreamed as a little girl. Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter.

  6. Dreams do come true! Your home is beautiful Brenda!!

    Happy Easter!

  7. Oh how I love this post! I had the same dreams too. Isn’t it fun to be able to create the home of your dreams… Yours is beautiful!
    Happy Easter!

  8. Beautiful post, home and garden. What a beautiful dream you have made come true.

  9. What a perfect way to say that dreams come true! Your home is so beautiful- every little bit of it. I am so enjoying getting to know your wonderful blog. Happy Easter and have a great weeken!

  10. Your home is just beautiful! You did full fill your dreams and are living it the way you wanted so much as a child. That is wonderful! When I was a little girl I use to want to have a family of my own. All I ever dreamed of was a family with kids and pets and a husband who would come home everyday from work. That is the only thing I ever wanted as a child(-: I just wanted someone to love me and someone I could love back! I wanted children I could love with all my heart and take care of and watch grow up. So I know how important childhood memories can be. It is so wonderful when they can come true!

  11. What a lovely post Brenda! I dreamed of my own house when I was a little girl too, and it is so wonderful now to have it isn’t it?

  12. Brenda, your post is gorgeous and really sat me back for a minute. I’m not sure what all I dreamed of as a child, other than having animals around me. For you to see your dreams come true is a wonderful piece of gratitude offered to all of us to see. Now you’re making me ponder! Great photos, and beautiful thoughts. Thanks.

  13. I love seeing your home. It is truly beautiful — happy and colorful.


  14. Your pictures and words describe my dreams, too. I didn’t fully know this until lately. Now, with the new house, I feel I am coming home at last.

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