Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 9, 2009

Chickens In The Garden


I know you can’t see them very well from this distance. But I have two new steel critters in the garden. Just now came in the mail from Gardener’s Supply Company.

Here’s a better view…



Aren’t they cute? I think they blend very well with my “eclectic” garden style.

I grew up around chickens. I use to gather the warm eggs from the hen house. If the hens were still sitting on them, you’d gently lift one side of them up and get the egg. They’d squawk a bit. But that was the easy part. After that you had to open the hen house door and try to run to the gate without the rooster pecking your legs. And without breaking the eggs.


My neighbor Liane came down yesterday afternoon. We were walking through the garden, and she said, “Hey, you’ve got a dead turtle in the pond.” I thought, what on earth is she talking about?

Yep, except it isn’t really a dead turtle.

The culprit is Charlie Ross. He’s been poking around, scratching under the rocks surrounding the pond all afternoon. He’s obviously on “crawling critter watch.”


I should have known that eventually he’d knock something into the water. (Sorry about the bull’s eye dog butt up there in full view. This is a G rated blog. Really.)


This poor plant (I’m blocking on the name at the moment) has looked like this for days. It’s supposed to open up like the bottom part. But it looks like someone has fused the leaves together. I don’t know if this is some abomination of nature, or there’s a reason behind it. I’ve been tempted to pull the ends apart. Looks like it’s performing a contortionist act to me. Or praying. Well, I guess I’ll just leave it alone.


An update on the maniacally beeping refrigerator: You all had some wonderful solutions for me to try. Unplugging it was one. Didn’t work. But I appreciate you all trying to help me.

Now I’ve resorted to kicking it occasionally out of frustration. I know, it’s childish and perverse. But it makes me feel better. It just beeps back in protest. I’ll probably break my foot.

It can’t seem to decide whether to rain or not. The sky occasionally spits little droplets down.


I was pleased that my marigolds made it through the freeze unscathed the other night.


This Alyssum can’t decide what color it wants to be. Purple or white. Or a combination of the two.




How does your garden grow today?



  1. Your chickens are the easy kind to care for. 🙂 I like them. My garden grows slowly today. I think it caught my sense of fatigue and decided to take the day off. I have high hopes for several of my orchid plants, but so far I am still stuck at the hope stage. I do hope more of them will spring to life soon!

  2. I love the chickens, Brenda!

    I gathered eggs at my grandparents. I got pecked a time or two. I was also flogged by a rooster when I was four or five years old. It certainly gave me a lifelong respect for birds!!!
    Granddad worked for MFA, an agri business. I would go there on Saturday afternoon, after the show and candle eggs, when I was 8 or 10 years old. I was facinated by the process!

  3. I dearly love all the color in your garden, Brenda.

    I cracked up at your comment about Charlie Ross’ bullseye butt. Leyna’s previous owners had her tail docked extremely short. I am always calling her “bullseye butt”. ;-Þ

  4. I just can’t get over your garden, I know I keep saying that but you lived in my climate you would understand why. Cracked up too over your comment about Charlie Ross, your dogs always manage to sneak the pictures 🙂 Do they ever get into your flowers and make a mess?

  5. Beautiful pictures again(-: I love the chickens! I have real ones too but I also collect chicken things for my garden(-:
    Jack always wants to show me his hind end too. I don’t know what it is with dogs…lol(-:
    Glad the turtle is o.k.(-:

  6. What great photos Brenda, and I love the narrative that goes along with it. You’re so entertaining describing daily disasters and delights! I love your sense of humor and your ability to roll with the punches. It’s always a pleasure visiting you!

    And I LOVE the chickens!

  7. Brenda, your “stuck together” plant looks like a sultan’s hat! I know that’s not the real name of the plant but that’s exactly what it reminded me of.

    Pretty pictures, as always.


  8. Brenda this was a delightful visit into your garden! In the first photo I was sure David Chihuly had popped over a few of his glass blown balls! Wonderful highlight to your garden as are the new chicks!! Cute butt end..LOL! smiling NG

  9. Your new Chicks are great! I love whimsy in the garden…

  10. Oooooh, I like those chickens. Poor little turtle went for a long swim. Our big dog knocks the rocks into the pond. We have to rearrange occasionally.

  11. Hi Brenda,
    I love your chickens. Of course, I pretty much just love chickens! I love how your doggies sneak into the photos. It is kinda like a Where’s Waldo book! And in answer to How does your garden grow? It is growing quite well with the warm weather!

  12. your chickens are adorable and the dead turtle cracked me up, I have a lizard scavenger(lulu) and she will tear anything up in her way!

  13. Hi Brenda,
    My garden’s all wet, it’s been raining all day today. I think Charlie Ross thought that turtle needed to take a swim, so he just gave him a little nudge! Love the Marigolds, so pretty.

    Have a wonderful Easter, sweetheart!

  14. Oh I LOVE your chicken….. so cute…

  15. Not as colorful as yours, Brenda! My garden had a major snow setback but today was a perfect April Michigan day. Love your chickens ( a garden should reflect the personality of the gardener) … had fun catching up … very hectic here grandboy sitting and holding things together (cooking of course) while d-in-law had knee surgury. Happy Easter!

  16. Oh, Brenda, I love your chickens. They are so cute and friendly looking. I collect chickens, but they live on the kitchen shelves, not the garden. Have a great Easter.

    Always Growing

  17. Very pretty alyssum! I think I like it mixed like that. It was a wonderful day today, too bad I have so much to do in the garden!

  18. Your new little metal chickens look great in your garden. 🙂 I like how the Alyssum is a mix between purple & white. Very pretty!

  19. Your garden is magnificent! I love the chickens. Reading your childhood story of gathering eggs made me laugh. I used to do the same thing. My sister and I were in charge of gathering the egg each day. We, too, were afraid of the rooster! So we would take turns. One day I would gather the eggs and my sister would sprinkle feed at the other end of the pen. Then the next day she would gather and I would sprinkle. We avoided the rooster many times by doing this! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I have found a lovely new blog to visit.

    Karol :0)

  20. Photography, flowers , bright colors, and decorating are some of my very favorite things…and fortunately because of your visit to my blog, I discovered your blog and found all my favorite things right here. You are an outstanding photographer and your camera is mighty fine too!! I just spent many minutes here looking over everything. I will be back.

  21. Love the chickens!
    The plant stuck together looks like my umbrella plant. It does the same thing. Mother use to call them Japanese Umbrellas, but not sure if that is the correct name. I have one by the pond, and one along the fence. I loved them as a child!

  22. I just spent many minutes here visiting your blog, because of your visit to my blog. Photography, flowers, decorating, and bright colors…all my favorites and all of them are found on this blog. I think you are an amazing photographer, and your camera is mighty fine also. I will be back.

  23. Brenda, the fused plant is cyperus or umbrella sedge. Looks pretty cool like that. Love the chickens.

  24. Oh how I have missed you! And I have truly missed my daily visits to your breathtaking garden!!
    The house we are renovating is a “flip”. We are working with an investor who buys the properties and supplies all funds for repairs and then we split the profits when the houses sell. We are doing all of the work ourselves- yes, with three kids in tow!! Most people think we are nuts and there are some days we think the same! LOL!! But we are trying to make a better future for our children and ourselves. It is hard work but most days we are enjoying it! I am eager for the finished project so we can have a little down time and maybe sleep in too!!
    I will back to visit again- hopefully sooner this time!!
    How are you? I love your new profile picture!!

  25. Those chicks are cute; I’ll bet I’ll see them somewhere else, too, won’t I? I won’t be online much before easter, so I wanted to send you special easter greetings and let you know I consider you one of my blessings this easter!

  26. Love the new chickens!
    Had to LOL at the ‘dead turtle’.
    Guess the dogs don’t care which end is in the picture as long as they are in it!

  27. Hi Brenda, the garden looks great! My garden is really coming alive now. I must do a post about it. Time to move outdoors and neglect my sewing studio for a while. I see the chickens are in Texas too! xo, suzy (Gardeners Supply Company!! My wish book!)

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