Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 8, 2009

Caught In The Act


See this funky little birdhouse? It is home to a family of Carolina chickadees. A few minutes ago I was outside taking photos. And the closer I got to the back fence (above) the more squawking I heard from a nearby tree. They kept darting back and forth from the trees to this hole.

She appears to have some bird seed in her mouth from one of my “bird restaurants” in this housing development. And she wants to feed her young. I think I heard her say, “Now you git off my property!”


So then I became curious once again about the Eastern bluebird house. Remember the photos I captured of the couple last week? Here they are just a few feet from their birdhouse.



Well, my curiosity got the better of me the other day. I tiptoed out into the back garden and gently pushed the lever aside on their house…


Yes, feeling sheepish and guilty. Trespassing, yes I was, on bird territory. The nest was built almost as high as the hole you see. I wasn’t tall enough, even stepping on my tiptoes, to see what was inside.

So this morning, I think to myself, surely it won’t hurt if I sneak another little peak. Here’s what happened next when I got close…


Uh oh! Caught in the act of trespassing on the bird reservation! Ms. Eastern Bluebird watched me very closely. We eyed one another, each blinking nervously. At least I was nervous. She was just plain mad.

Of course I stepped back and left them alone. Here I am a mother and shamelessly did such a thing, I chastised myself. If I had opened that lid again, I probably would have gotten a finger pecked off.



  1. That’s priceless !!!

  2. Oh my gosh Brenda, what a wonderful post! The photos are just wonderful…and the story (the really TRUE story) is so interesting! You are so lucky that your birdhouses are being occupied! I have 2 bluebird houses, but I’ve never had bluebirds in them. Just one year tufted titmice built a nest in one of them; they were then killed by ‘something’…and I have no idea what, or who 😦 Every step of the way in your story I wanted to say something…but all I can say now is, WOW! I thought, maybe, there would be eggs, or babies, that you’d see inside–but the mother would probably NEVER leave if that were the case! Now you at least know that she has probably laid some eggs and you’ll probably have some babies eventually;-) One year, a bluebird with 3 babies, flew from a nest in the neighborhood, somewhere, and landed on my birdfeeder, and proceded to feed each one of them, individually, a hull-less, sunflower seed. It was a memorable moment to see–unfortunately I didn’t have my camera!

  3. You naughty trespasser, but excellent photographer! The photos are fantastic and priceless! The look on that Momma birds face …we don’t need to speak bird to get the message! Thanks for sharing! gail

  4. Cute pictures! I guess I need to leave the inside of the house to be able to even come close to getting the pictures you are.
    Brenda, they are incredible photos!
    After all the seed you share you deserve to trespass!:-)

  5. I don’t blame you. I would not have been able to resist either. And look at what beauty you captured!

  6. Oh Brenda, thanks for complimenting and asking about our pond. I will show more pics as the season greens up. That pond is my husband’s baby. It’s big, beautiful, and high maintenance.

  7. g’day Brenda

    sigh those pictures are nothing other than spectacular, I really enjoyed reading through that, hmmm I love the mummy keeping guard

    we have bird house at the end of the garden on the old fig tree, I wouldn’t know how to encourage any to it, but I am gonna get some feed next time I go to the mall, been meaning to for ages, now you’ve prompted it

    no worries on the link, I look forward to your comments, you are honest and seem to be on exactly the same wavelength, which is rare for me!! I value the friendship

    have a good day


  8. Hubby’s working late today (that was the phone call) so I’ve got time to read! You are lucky mama bird didn’t come after you!

  9. What great pictures! The last one of mrs. bluebird giving you the evil eye is so cute!!!(-: I am still waiting on the owls. I check on them three or so times a day. Mrs. Hooters is getting tired of me asking when the babies are going to hatch!(-:

  10. WOW. What great photos! Love the look on the momma bird’s face! You’re lucky she didn’t peck your eye out! Thanks for sharing this adventure with us!

  11. I did the same thing to my bluebird house today…. went over to peek and sat mama bluebird…. oppsie
    You get such glorious photos….. really breathtaking

  12. Funny! Our curiousity gets the better of us sometimes doesn’t it. You were just stopping by to say hi…think ms bird will believe that??

  13. Brenda,
    Your photos are so awesome! Oh, how I wish I had bluebirds! Hmm, I think I also need a longer lens on my camera. What kind of lens do you have?

  14. Shame on you, but I would have done the same thing:)

  15. Awww-so cute! That’ll teach you she is thinking-caught you! Don’t worry, you did not bother her overly much.

  16. I loved this post, Brenda! Your pictures are fabulous!

  17. Love having bluebirds, chickadees, house wrens, etc. Such social birds (when they’re not nesting). We’re about a month away from all that. I’m still pulling the sparrow nests out of the bluebird boxes. It’s my daily chore. Loved the post. Your photos are splendid. So clear.~~dee

  18. Whew-wee…you’re lucky both Momma’s didn’t come after you! πŸ™‚

  19. I have always adored birds, I son’t know why they intrigue me.

  20. I have always adored birds, I don’t know why they intrigue me.

  21. How sweet and funny! I will watch for more updates. Birding is a wonderful pastime, and your free housing district is a benefit to the environment as well.

  22. Awesome photos once again Brenda! And great narrative. You did no harm, and your heart’s in the right place. For being so little, those wren parents can be fierce!

    I had house wren parents going ape s@#$ all over me as I restored a garden over the better part of last spring and summer for a client. By the end of the summer either they finally got used to me or they were done raising their broods, but they finally piped down. I’d be there for two or three hours at a time, and the whole time, neighbors in apartment buildings on the next street were yelling at each other, and wrens were dive-bombing and squawking at me. I felt like I was in a war zone!

    But that garden was awesome. There wasn’t a patch of lawn anywhere in her yard except in the parkway.

  23. Fabulous post Brenda, your pics are just delightful! We don’t have too many birds other than kookaburras here in our Hills garden, but the possum population & our 2 resident Koalas & their assorted offspring are sweet substitutes. Thank you for your lovely messages over @ The Hedge, it’s great having you as a ‘Hedgie’.
    Millie ^_^

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