Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 2, 2009

Antique Mall Finds


This is what I came up with at the antique mall yesterday morning. I was scheduled for an MRI on my left thumb in the early afternoon. The antique mall wasn’t far from that location. So I spent two hours slowly going through the place. What you see above came to a total of $37 plus tax.

The cute little framed prints were $6 each. I love the inner parts of the frames. The jar of buttons was $4. And the buttons are just my color! The blue mug was $1. The little white one was about $5. A little more than I wanted to pay, but I liked the shape and knew what I wanted to do with it. The little altered box tied with a red bow is a box of matches. I think it was $4.25. I just liked the idea and the bird in the corner. And I’m always on the lookout for old washboards. This one was $10. If they’re that or under, I will grab it for my small collection.

Now to the MRI. This was ludicrous. First I was taken to a door and told to step out onto a lift. This scared me. I don’t like heights. We were lifted to an outdoor facility that housed the MRI machine. You would think, wouldn’t you, that there would be an easier way to get detailed films of one thumb than to put the whole body into this vast machine. But alas, apparently not.

I was told to lie on my stomach. Uh-oh. My back hates me to lie on my stomach. I am told to scoot down to where my feet are dangling off the table. There is a pillow placed underneath my knees. Also a pillow was placed underneath my stomach. And one underneath my throat. I was to hold the pillow under my throat tucked up and away from the table, as my arm is sticking up above my head so they could get the images.

My left hand is placed inside this fabric-type enclosure. Of course you are told to be very still. So I am contorted in this uncomfortable position, straining to swallow the saliva that always comes when you are afraid you might have to swallow, against this pillow crammed under my throat. My neck is pushed up against my shoulder. Which, since I’ve had a cervical fusion at one level due to a car accident, was very stiff. All this for thirty minutes while the noise of the machine is rattling and booming, but muted, since I am wearing ear plugs.

This was all rather comedic in nature. I felt like a contortionist, made to lie still in this ridiculous position. You know what it feels like when you have something crammed up against your throat. It makes you want to cough.

Anyway, that is over with. And I have my little pretties from the antique mall I can play with today.



  1. Your a brave girl Brenda and deserve your pretties for being so good and enduring all that !

  2. I have never had to have a MRI, thank goodness! I love all of your great finds from the flea market…

  3. I’ve never had an MRI either, and I guess I’m glad I did. Your description does make me wonder, however, about the people I read about who, in the interests of research into what is going on physiologically when people have sex (this was in aid of infertility studies), actually had sex in an MRI machine so pictures could be obtained. Successfully.

  4. You SO deserved this reward:)
    I had an MRI once, but it was a ck up more than an afflictions, I often feel for those who are in really pain and have to lay these silly ways and hold it. Hope they found out what they needed to, or you just might have to go shopping again:)

  5. oh god that sounds awful, so glad I’ve never had one, glad it is over

    oooh good job on the shopping trip, all that for $37 and the jar of buttons, hmm hmmm, I am so after one of those


  6. Hi Brenda, all good finds, but the MRI does sound ridiculous. Why the full body? Oh well, it’s over as you say. That was a good deal on the blue cup! I am jealous of your bluebirds too. They are around us all over, but don’t use our birdhouses for them. Last year the chickadee drove them out and used it herself. It was funny to watch the battles between them, the chickadee so much smaller, but more aggressive for sure!

  7. Great finds! Everything is wonderful(-:
    I have never had an MRI. It does not sound like fun at all )-: I hope the results are good for you(-:

  8. What a day you had, Brenda! I like what you found at the Antique Mall!!

  9. Girl friend, we gotta go shopping although we might hurt each other over blue glass.

  10. Super great finds. How fun to go to an antique mall.
    I so feel for you today! MRI’s sounds to me like hospital construction right on top of you with people hammering to the sides. why are they so noisy? So darn uncomfortable? I need one again soon to see if I have bone growth around the rods and screws from my fusions. Ear plugs is a great idea!

    Today , mine was a contrast cat scan and they had me hold my arm straight up and to touch the top of the scanner while it moved around to keep the contrast I.V. in place in my arm.
    Thankfully it didn’t take as long as yours did. Did you have good results? Will you need surgery? I will remember you in my prayers!
    I was so elated after being so scared when I left the Huntsman Cancer Institute… The Lord heard many prayers these past days. I love HIM dearly and want to thank you, for yours…
    The cyst turned out to be a fat pocket on my lung and a calcified nodule from a healed broken rib on the rib… Such relief.
    I hope yours turns out and your thumb feels better soon.

  11. Love the washboard! I have a small one of my grandmother’s SOMEWHERE around here.
    Sounds like a horrible experience with the MRI; I’ve had several, but never like that; you’d THINK a hand would be easy to do, wouldn’t ya? Have a great weekend!

  12. Brenda, I like the goodies you found. I have admired those prints before. I like what you did with the little pitcher and stuff in the other post.

    The MRI sounds like a claustrophobia nightmare to me.

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