Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 30, 2009

Just Pretty Things


Everyone has a love of pretty things. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Obviously, I love linens. And cozy arrangements to rest my eye upon.

I like big containers filled with lots of different plants and textures. My pots never look perfect, because I just plop plants and herbs in at will most of the time. If they like the same amount of sun, I just go with “happenstance” when planting. And move them when the need arises.


Clear glass jars with flour and sugar. Don’t you think it has a simple beauty to it too?


My gardens “occur.” They are added to like extensions to a ramshackle house. I stare longingly at the design books. But then I end up with something more like this, below.


If it’s lush, I feel successful!


A mingling of silver hearts. A gift from my husband one holiday. I don’t wear jewelry. So I bejewel my surroundings instead.


I like to find new uses for things. Like storing my rulers in a pretty red pitcher.


I go outside this morning and am overjoyed to see my lavender blooming. And that makes me smile too.


Purple oxalis planted next to a hosta. I love the look of purple against green. One color excites the mind. The other soothes it.



For those of you who come here to visit and expect just a dose of daily gardening or something new in home decorating, I hope you’re not disappointed. A little bit of everything. That’s just who I am…

Someone who feels comfortable amidst plants and flowers. And who also finds beauty in the little things I gather around me. Indoors and out.

So that’s what I share with you.




  1. Love your table tops. When I gets these monkeys raise, my place is going to be cute too.

  2. You have excellent taste Brenda everything you ((happenstance)) put together is simply lovely cosy and tastefull.From your home to your garden.Love your pics, I can tell by looking at them you love your home and everything in it.

    My arm is coming along now its my hand acting strangely it tingles and falls asleep , so annoying ,I have no strenght at all in it,I can’t even butter bread with itsome days…they tell me 3 months to a year… welll I am getting tired of waiting…
    On a good day I do a hexagon flower or two, I use to do about 7-8 a day… now I am tickled if I get one or two done….but at least I smile when I get one done.Makes me happy.
    Major snow storm last night left about a foot of snow again…..But I am going to Ottawa in 2 weeks for a week to see my daughter I think it will do me good,can’t wait for freedom.

  3. What is the name of the plant directly behind the lavender, is it a palm?

  4. Girl I am never disappointed when I come here. Your pretty home and your plants amaze me. I too have come to like a real mix of plant. Took me a few years to figure that out. Now I just love the mixy matchy look.

  5. oh i just love gardens that occur

    just this morning on my walk we were talking about gardening and my friend, who is rather, shall we say, bossy, said oh yeah i know all there is to know about australian gardening, I’ll just come round and plan it all for you, hmmmm, I told her i preferred to just dabble and shove it in and see what occurs, much more natural, she couldn’t quite get it

    anyway i love it and i love seeing pics of more of your home, especially like that tablecloth…


  6. Are those bluebonnets in front of the daisies in the first photo of plants in a pot? Your garden looks lovely to me, but I know what you mean about having some “design” or “plan” to go by, it would make gardening a lot easier.

  7. I love your style…..colorful happenstance 🙂 That’s the best way to decorate!

  8. I swear Brenda–everytime I visit your blog I get this warm all over feeling! Your kitchen table is where I will sit in my mind now and have morning coffee. You and I like the same vibrant colors I see–in the house and in the garden. Don’t ever stop sharing all these pretty pictures…they really, really make my day!!

  9. I love this post Brenda, and everything has come together so nicely I think it looks alot like pictures in those magazines you mentioned.

  10. Brenda,
    Beautiful post. You have a wonderful eye for decorating and planting! I think all “real” gardeners’ gardens are a work in progress at all time!

  11. Oh, Brenda, this looks like right out of a magazine, I love the term ‘occur’, your beauty has truly ‘occured’:)

  12. Beautiful things!(-: I enjoyed the pictures! I garden that way too! I look at the pictures and do it my way(-: It is fun that way and part of who you are!!!

  13. Hi Brenda, I never, EVER get tired of looking at your pretty garden! I love how you have all your quilts out and use them. xo, suzy

  14. Your method of gardening is my method too! I love it when it all suddenly comes together. Oh, and I really like those glass jars you have too.

  15. I got interrupted from viewing your blog last night, and here it is waiting for me this morning! Gotta love the computer world! Your lavender is blooming! Well, at least one of mine is alive. 🙂 I love the way you have things all planted together. I endeavor to learn that.

    What is that spiky thing that looks like Spanish Sword. I want one of those.

    Thanks for the tour of Tyler azaleas!

  16. Hey Brenda, it works for me! I think lush is the goal too. Although I admire a Japanese style zen garden, I want to see beds overflowing with plants, like yours. Nice and healthy.

  17. Home is where your heart is, and it shows.

    Your blog is a lovely place to visit. I find it peaceful and rejuvenating here.

  18. Can I have that red pitcher, PRETTY PLEASE! Such beautiful things you’ve shared Brenda. I love the coziness of the first photo in particular.

    Hugs, G

  19. Brenda, You’ve shown me several plantings that make me smile, too! I love the deep purple and the limes green of new hosta leaves and I think your lush containers look perfect! gail

  20. Everything is beautiful, but I especially love the quilt tablecloth.

    I could get lost in all your lovely surroundings you’ve created!

  21. i liked absolutely everything that you just showed us!
    ♥, Susan

  22. So, you’re an artist. Thanks for sharing your gift. I wish I lived next door 🙂

  23. A wonderful series of things that you love! Your home is so cozy love your decorating! Both inside and outside!! :)NG

  24. Brenda,

    In my area it raining and low forties. Your blog is a warm place to visit! Love your house and garden style. cozy, colorful, and inviting. You are makng me LONG to be in the garden again!

  25. All of your plants are so much farther along than mine – and you’re only a few hours east of me! But my, everything looks so nice.

  26. Who could be disappointed with a post with so much color and beauty? Lovely, lovely, lovely! I’m so glad I came by. It is snowing again (I sound like a broken record) and it is wonderful to come here and be energized by the bright prettiness of this post!

  27. Brenda, you have been so busy with posts. I am catching up. The bluebirds are amazing and I love a beaded lamp shade. You have made a cozy and inviting home both inside and out.

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