Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 27, 2009

Outside My Front Gate


This is what I saw outside my front gate yesterday. Now I will walk you down my block.





This house has been empty for the four years I’ve lived here. But yet, look at those azaleas. It hasn’t been for sale. It’s just sitting there, as is the house next to it on the corner of the cul de sac.




And the house below is mine. The rain has dampened the azaleas. They are not at their peak yet. The rain continues to fall in fits and starts…




  1. How beautiful!
    As it just snowed again this morning, I appreciate being able to share your spring! 🙂

  2. Just gorgeous!!
    I have never seen azaleas bushes!!
    I have only seen small potted plants, could not believe the size of the bush wow !!!!!!!!
    Here i am still in 4 feet of snow !!!!!!!!
    No fair….
    I can lift my arm now shoulder high but still hurst so much.. like I told Nola grin and bear it I suppose.

  3. What a beautiful neighborhood! Your street should be called “Azalea Lane”!

  4. How wonderful to live in a neighborhood where people care so much about the appearance of thier property. The azaleas are beautiful.

  5. OMGosh those are beautiful!!!! I can’t imagine not living in the houses! Maybe they use them as vacation houses? I will come live there and be your neighbor(-:

  6. Wow! Those are some crazy azaleas! They won’t do so well in Central Texas, but they’re gorgeous.

  7. How fantastic, so much color! I can’t believe how pretty even the vacant house looks. Don’t forget your camera tomorrow!

  8. Simply gorgeous! Ours are not in bloom yet.

  9. Thanks for sharing these Brenda. I won’t get to come this year–boo-hoo–so I really enjoyed seeing your pictures!
    Brrrrr–has the front hit Tyler yet? It is so cold here!

  10. Oh, I love those Azaleas! Thanks for the pics, and please keep ’em coming. Such a great season in East Texas.

  11. What a beautiful neighborhood! I can’t imagine having that view with the azaleas. I think I’d spend alot of time just walking and looking.

  12. Gee I sure wish my house looked that good and to be empty too! Wow!

  13. Lovely to see all the green and everything so orderly… so different from my reality … chaos in the garden! Azaleas remind me of Atlanta.
    Happy Spring.

  14. You live in such a beautiful neighborhood! Thank you for taking me on a little stroll with you.

  15. Hi Brenda…The Azaleas are wonderful at your house…the color compliments your brick beautifully! I miss azaleas here at C&L…they want better working conditions then we can offer~~ Have a great weekend…theis late season winter visit is not fun. gail

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your beauty! Azaleas are a favorite. I have fond memories of them from my childhood family home in NC.

    We have ice and snow.

  17. Brenda,
    The azaleas are beautiful. They almost glow with such color!

  18. Your property and your neighborhood are simply gorgeous! As for that beautiful, vacant house…I’d be happy to occupy. Beautiful homes and gorgeous landscaping.

  19. I do love azaleas! xo, suzy

  20. Brenda, thanks for taking us on the walk. That one house is a beautiful formal space. Since no on lives in it, it is a good thing the azaleas have you to appreciate them. I love color too, and azalea season is something else.~~Dee

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