Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 27, 2009

Adding Punch To Lampshades


Today I spent adding trim and beads to the white lampshades in the garden room. Out came the glue gun.


Hobby Lobby had 30 percent off trims and beads this week. So I took advantage of the sale.

Here’s what it looks like with the lights turned off. I just wanted to add a little more blue to my “blue” garden room.



And since it’s rained and rained, I’ve been stuck indoors. (I realize part of a dog is in most of these photos. Aren’t they always?)


I still see that white lampshade staring back at me. But also a little color and sparkle has been added. You know how I like color!



  1. Brenda, Those lamp shades are great! I would never have thought to decorate the shades with the beads, but it really works. The quilt on the wall is stunning. I could spend a lot of time in that room.
    ♥, Susan

  2. Brenda,
    The lampshade is so pretty. It makes me want to try it, but I don’t have any lamps with that type of shade! YET! hee hee!

  3. The lampshade is very pretty, you did a good job with it!!
    I love that blue room, I could spend some serious time in there its so cosy.
    Love the quilt in the backround !!
    You have rain today were having winter snow storm warnings……. gotta love it……sigh….

  4. They turned out great! I love the look of this room. It reminds me of a really cool city loft!

  5. The shades are beautiful, Brenda!!

  6. Love that bling! And I really love the first image with your pooch on the back of the couch – LOL! Sigh…a garden room – I’m envious. But wait – I just got a new kitchen; no I’m not! Nice post, Brenda

  7. Love those personal touches you added to the shade… That room is delightful.

  8. That is a super adorable room! I love the lamp and the sparkly new lampshade! Super cute!

  9. I agree with everyone. The lamp shades are really niffty and I love your quilt. My very first thought on seeing it was to check how it is hung. I’m always curious how other folks hang their quilts. Your house is lovely. Thanks for having all of us in for a visit. You have inspired me, I have a plain lamp shade in the living room that is in for an upgrade. Maybe feathers?

  10. The lamp shade turned out beautiful! I love the beads and trim(-: It really makes the lamp stand out!!(-:

  11. Very nice touch Brenda! xo, suzy

  12. I love beads on lampshades, but I never thought about doing it myself. You gotta do something when it rains. I could clean house, but . . . . ~~Dee

  13. Dogs like to be where their people are. I have to be really careful or Ruby would be in every single garden picture I take.

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