Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 25, 2009

Indoor Color Makes Me Happy Too


It doesn’t take a whole lot of money to make me happy. This is my kitchen nook.

You know that question people ask you about what inanimate objects you would grab if there was a fire? Well, after my pets were safe, I’d probably grab my photos and my quilts. After all, I spent lots of time making these quilts. They represent hours of detail and reflection. And photos are your past, moments you can’t recapture.

I just love those rooms with white and cream. But I have to have color. I can start out with basic monotones. But I always add colorful objects that just make me happy. A set of cobalt canisters from the antique mall. A ceramic chickadee. Clear knobs.


Snow globes. I just love snow globes. I had a favorite. It played music. I dropped it while cleaning a few months ago. I was hit with this sudden ache of despair. There was no fixing it.


I graduated from the University of Oklahoma. So there are always little symbols of OU sitting around here and there.


My daughters bought me these ceramic canisters about ten years ago. I smile whenever I walk into the room and see them for some reason.


I have always been crazed for old sewing machine tables. They’re so versatile. You can use them as side tables, desks, places for pretties. I like a basket of old linens to remind me of loved ones who are gone, but bestowed me with these scraps of embroidered fabric.


What makes you happy? What does it take to make your home feel cozy?



  1. i am like you in that i need a lot of colour and all my walls are painted in yellows and greens. i have blue glass and brightly painted artwork, colourful photography and bright jewels everywhere 🙂 i live in a little house that feels somehow cozy and expansive at the same time, definitely homey 🙂

    your place looks divine!!

  2. Love your colors Brenda and how you display your pretties.
    Certain things make me smile too one day I will do a blog on them to show everyone.Some things are not worth money but are priceless to me because they belonged to certain family members or were given to me.We are all the same aren’t we !

  3. That red coffee bar of yours! Love it. Love your cobalt glass too. I have to have color. Sometimes I am struck by how pretty the white and cream rooms are but really, who lives like that? I have boys and dogs!

    Your quilt is just lovely!

  4. How many of those sewing machine tables do you have? I love the quilt as a tablecloth in the kitchen nook, too. You use your coffee beans same as I do. I use a variety of items to hold my candles and scent the air.

  5. I am like you too. I need my things around me to feel like home(-: Instead of quilts I have dolls. Primitive ones. Some I made some I bought. They are weird and some may even be scarey but I love them all and they make me smile(-: I also love sunflowers and my kitchen and livingroom have sunflowers too. I also love pictures of family and I have a ton of them all over the place(-: Your home is very homey and welcoming!!!!

  6. Blue glass, quilts and plants, Brenda. I really like that header.

  7. I love family pictures, cross stitch pictures and throw pillows, but I LOVE candles! I always have them burning, even in summer. Your house is so pretty..and very homey. You have beautiful quilts-what a great talent you have!

  8. I love quilts as tablecloths. It makes everything feel comfy and casual.

  9. oooh I love that quilt! even better as a tablecloth…i know we had the quilt conversation before and I’m no further with mine, I look for one every single time I go thrifting and no luck as yet

    hmmm, despite what you might think I do love some colour, I like to use it in bags on hooks hanging around and colourful blankets and throws, I have some old saris that are divine, maybe I should post em’! anyway that’s what make me cosed up

    S x

  10. I love your cobalt blue containers! I have always wanted some. They look so pretty with the light coming through them. I never thought about using a quilt as a tablecloth before. I must remember that idea!

    I always come away from your blog inspired. 🙂

  11. Brenda,
    You put things together so well. I love the woodgrain in the old radio!

  12. Brenda, You home is lovely. I collect cobalt glass as well, and it makes me very happy.

  13. I like lots of color too. Also the colors of the garden and old things. Afghans and lots of pillow are cozy as well. Love your quilts.

  14. A bit crazed these past few days, one thing that made me happy was catching on your cozy house & garden, Brenda. I’ve missed out on some lovely posts. You are a very talented gal! I’m a cobalt blue lover also, in fact ate off several cobalt blue plates (that compliment both my flow blue and everyday china) when family was over to celebrate youngest grandson’s birthday. Regarding my home, it’s filled with things I cherish and tons of books in each room that make me delight.

  15. Brenda, I just love your kitchen nook, so many comfy and whimsical things to gaze upon. I especially like the canisters!

  16. Brenda, Talk about a cozy kitchen. You have one! That’s what collecting is all about. Having all the things that make you happy surround you.

    I’ve got my birds and nests and you’ve got your quilts. You’ve got some cute birds too.


  17. Hi Brenda, your house is so full of character and personality. That cobalt blue glass is had to resist. I have a collection of it hidden in the cupboards of this house. My current house is much smaller than any others we have lived in, and I am at the serenity now stage. I dream of the white and cream and light shades for rooms, but that is difficult with the oriental carpets we have, all bright and/or dark colors. And that black leather sofa, well, somewhat dark. But about the things to be grabbed in an emergency, I always kept the photo albums together for just that reason. At one time I was going to scan the lifetime of photos, in order in albums, to save them on the computer, but never did it. The first album begins with the day we came home from the hospital with our first child in 1974. The pictures go along until the move from Texas to this house, no kids came with us. Then the digital camera came along and no more albums. But the old ones are beyond worth, to be rescued at all costs. Sorry for such a long comment. 🙂

  18. I can SO relate to PETS and people (of course) first. After that..mmm…probably some treasured photos, gifts. Im going to give this one a think Brenda. BTW, can I come and live at your house? :<) just lovely!

    Hugs, G

  19. Oh, honey, what a great question! I shall think on it today. I have a notebook where I keep a list of these things. Haven’t thought of it in some time. Thank you for sharing so generously of examples of beauty. I have to whisper and say that the coming week we may hear about ‘our’ house.

  20. Your kitchen nook is very homey Brenda. I love all your collections. They show your personality and the colors are happy & cheerful. 🙂

  21. LOve your color touches….. each of the spaces you showed are just enchanting…… I need color also

  22. Oh, love that cobalt blue glass! That’s the color I use in my garden furniture; indoors it’s all turquoise, all the time 🙂 . Fun post, Brenda.

  23. What a warm and inviting home you have created. I can see why you smile when you see the bright, cheery canisters which also remind you of your loved ones! I am in the process of painting the living/tv room. I picked terra cotta for the walls but they are as yet unpainted and I am a bit nervous. I think it is a good color for a gardener though so I have high hopes!

  24. Brenda, your blues are calling to me. I just love the way that color instantly has a calming effect. I also love the way you used the quilt as a table cover…it is all just lovely. Have a wonderful weekend.
    ♥, Susan

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