Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 23, 2009

Repurposing Old Garden Buckets


No, I did not make this unique garden bucket water fountain. I found it Saturday in Mineola, a small town about 40 miles from Tyler. It was in an antique mall. I heard the water trickling, and just kept walking toward the sound. Until I found this. I had to have it for my garden room.

So simple. Yet I’d have never been able to figure out how to make it. I applaud whoever did. It gives me great pleasure listening to it flow as I type.

I’ve always loved the sound of water. My garden pond is small, but quite enjoyable.


I’ve spent the morning out there tucking little plants I divide from somewhere else in the nooks and crannies behind it.


A mockingbird comes to perch on one of the birdbaths to watch me.




  1. What a cute find !!
    Imagine making those garden water buckets .. its soooo cute!!
    That mocking bird is wonderful !
    Love your pics today as always !

  2. evening Brenda

    wow what a great idea, i have a blue one outside that i have been wondering what to do with

    the mocking bird is sooooo lovely and of course a great photo


  3. Simple joys! I love the sound of water too. I got a “phantom screen” for the patio door so I can leave the door open and hear the pond. So relaxing!

  4. What a great find! I love it!

    LOL! He looks a wee bit grumpy. I think he wants you to put your camera away.

  5. I love the mockingbird picture! Your sedum is so pretty. I just planted a bunch last year. It went dormant in the winter and is popping out now.

  6. I use to have a watering can fountain. I had it running night and day for a few years in my house! I loved it. My husband made it for me. The pump finally died and I didn’t replace it. I should do that(-: I love yours!!!!
    Your pond pictures are beautiful! I love that birds face looking at you too!!!!

  7. The watering can is so cute. I love the photo of the mockingbird!

  8. Brenda, your pond is so fabulous, I never get tired of seeing it! ox, suzy

  9. I really want a fountain. Think they have any more???

    Love it and your pond!

  10. I love the watering can fountain, Brenda! How clever! Your garden area is like a faerie-land. Your pond is beautiful as is the garden surrounding it. Mr (or Mrs) Mockingbird is pretty cute too;-) He does look irritible though, doesn;t he?!

  11. oops…that was my comment, above. I forgot to fill in my name

  12. Your pond is splendid! That watering can is pretty crafty too.

  13. Kewl! LOVE the mockingbird! Great shot! Oh…and is that a turtle I see in your lovely garden?!?! πŸ™‚


  14. That is so adorable! Your garden is so pretty.

  15. Brenda,

    I love your watering can fountain. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your garden room. The sound of water just relaxes me and I gravitate towards the sounds the same way you do.

    You pond is just so peaceful too.


  16. I love the watering can fountain, it is too cute! That mockingbird looks a little put out with you, I think he wants his privacy. Everything at your place looks so green and lush, almost tropical.

  17. Your garden looks like a bit heaven!

  18. Look at that bird! Oh, honey, that needs to be a greeting card. That bird is telling a thing or two. LOL!

  19. I think the mockingbird approves. πŸ™‚

  20. Oh how wonderful! What a great find and your garden is enchanting – as always. What a beautiful capture of the bird!!


  21. That is a unique fountain. I love the sound of water running too. πŸ™‚

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