Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 22, 2009



Each day, a sign from nature. Budding leaves. The opening of blooms. Signs, all of them. A new season is upon us, slowly emerging.

Lamb’s Ear, soft in texture…


Butterfly bush, awaiting the soft landing of butterflies.


Is there anything prettier than yellow stretching toward the sun?


Or water lilies floating in the pond?


I get to peek inside this daisy. Where I see a whole world just beneath the delicate white petals. A few more days, and the tightly closed fist of each bloom will have relaxed, inviting us to see the yellow center inside.


What emerges here each day brings me joy.




  1. Brenda,

    Your photos are breathtaking! The details in these close-ups is amazing. I’m so glad you joined our stroll today. How beautiful it must be in East Texas right now!

    Thank you for joining us and sharing your corner of the world in early spring.


  2. Your pictures are so pretty!
    I am wishing it was warm outside instead of cold and windy here. No snow this weekend but we had rain/wind/cold. All the flowers seem fine though(-: I just want to play outside! Oh well maybe next week!

  3. The water lillies look like a painting! The lamb’s ear is beautiful. 🙂

  4. WOW ~~~!!!

  5. Your garden is so beautiful. I love Lamb’s Ears…they are so soft and that lovely sge/grey/green….

  6. Your pictures make my heart sing. The detail is just wonderful. I will try in the future to get up close and personal to the flowers I photogragh. I don’t think I’m doing them justice. I have a friend who has gone home to Texas just to watch the bluebonnets come into season. Thanks again for sharing your pictures.

  7. I just love the lillies. How pretty, the green and the blue, my favorite colors.

  8. Beautiful..and very inspiring!

  9. Brenda,
    Your photos are magnificent! May I ask what kind of camera and lens you use. I can not get very close-up with my current lens. When I had a 35mm, I had a set of close-up lenses.

  10. I’m not an anonymous lurker. I’m me. I just happen to have forgotten to leave my name eariler. So, Hi. Love your site. The pictures are divine. I’ll be back to explore your pages more. I found your name on Aisling’s site and I’m glad I came by to check you out, knowing you are in Texas.

  11. Brenda, If you ever decide to sell some prints, I want a copy of those water lilies

  12. Everything looks so lovely. Isn’t it wonderful that spring is here?

    Always Growing

  13. Looks like the sun finally came out! After all that rain, everything is gorgeous and in bloom. Just a beautiful riot of color. The water lilies picture looks like a painting.
    ♥, Susan

  14. Wow, what a nice post to look at first thing on a Monday morning. Absolutely gorgeous photos as usual. I can’t wait to see some color in my yard!

  15. Gorgeous photos, Brenda. I’d love to see that top photo framed. It makes me think of Georgia O’Keefe paintings.

  16. Those pictures are so real I feel like I can reach inside of them all from here. Especially the lamb’s ear. Which reminds me…my garden is calling. ttyl

  17. Seeing your tulip reminded me of the Photo Contest at Dutch Gardens ~ you should enter it this year!,default,pg.html

  18. sigh … this is a sight for sore eyes … i cannot wait until i can get out into my garden again, once the snow melts and the freezing temperatures leave that is 🙂

    your garden is beautiful!!

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