Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 18, 2009

Azalea Trail Preview


Here is a sampling of what you have to look forward to if you choose to visit Tyler’s 50th Azalea Trail this year. This weekend kicks off the four week celebration. This year an extra three miles of trail has been added.












  1. Beautiful! My kind of walk. Thanks!

  2. Not sure what I like more, the plants or the houses. Oh yes, now I remember, the plants! Wonderful looking tour ahead for your residents.

  3. Thanks for the pics, Brenda! Not sure I will get to make it to Tyler to see them in person this year so I hope you plan to share more!

  4. I do notice the photos being larger! Hey, I remember going by the home with the greenhouse in the back yard! Holy cow, what a profusion of blooms, they are just magnificent.

  5. Oh Brenda, I want to go on the tour. What gorgeous homes and flowers and yards. WOW! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed all of your pictures.


  6. What a nice tour Brenda, thanks for sharing the highlights with us. 🙂

  7. Wonderful tour…even in virtual mode. You have a nice blog here…Thanks for stopping by mine.

  8. Oops, forgot to enter my name and link on the above comment.
    Notes from a Cottage Garden

  9. I remember some of these gardens! It’s going to be so beautiful. I may not make it this year.. so thanks for the pictures.
    I love spring!! 🙂

  10. Crazy ’bout azaleas, Brenda. I’ll bring the scones 🙂

  11. How I would love to take a walk on that trail!! Loved seeing your little St Pat’s Poochies!! Dana

  12. Oh, Brenda, if I wasn’t in the middle of my kitchen remodel, I’d be saying “Road Trip!!”. Please post more so I can see the trail vicariously through you. I love those azaleas and dogwoods!

  13. They are so bright and inviting. At least we can all stroll along with you via the post. Love your Irish pups also.

  14. what a wonderful roadtrip it would be, only wish I could do it! so gorgeous


  15. So pretty Brenda – it will be quite awhile till any azaleas are blooming around here!

  16. Hmm, looks like I need no excuse to make a trip to Tyler! I’ve always liked the lovely homes there but with the azaleas blooming, it’s beautiful.

  17. Wish I lived nearby. These homes are lovely and I appreciate the feel for what is to come…here…eventually. We have crocus up but that is about it.
    ♥, Susan

  18. Beautiful. I love the 3rd house! I also want that greenhouse!

  19. I’m so jealous. That is beautiful.

  20. Oh, I wish I could be there for that! Everything is just beautiful!

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