Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 16, 2009

Pondering An Herb Garden


The sun has finally poked out its head today. Thank goodness. We were about to be swept down river, so to speak.


Years ago, I had a wagon wheel shaped herb garden. In another state. Now I’m hankering for another one. This time I have the internet to search. But haven’t come up with much yet. Not that they’re all that complicated. Mine was just a big round circle with bricks lined up on their sides. It’s nice to have a big herb plant in a pot in the middle of the “spokes. Just wondered if anyone reading this has one.

This was the temperature earlier this morning (not quite noon yet), so the garden is beckoning.


The pretty lime shades of hosta…


Just look how lush and green it is in this corner by the back gate.




This is where I sit and take in the sweet aroma of the plants behind me. Reminds me, I’ve got to find some cushions for these chairs…


And where I watch the birds up in the crepe myrtle trees… A titmouse. Why are they constantly pecking at their feet, these peculiar yet endearing little birds?


I ventured out into the west yard, where I seldom go. Had to take my trash to the curb. And saw that spring has been filling out some of the trees over there by the street. A welcome sight.




  1. I have an herb garden, but not in the shape of a wagon wheel. Mine is just random an in my front courtyard, where we also dine outside. I love being able to pick fresh herbs and use them at the table as well as in cooking.

    I have rosemary, thyme, lemon thyme, oregano, parsley, basil, chives, lavender and mint. I am going to be adding tarragon this year.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    I adore tree frogs. We have several around our house too! I’ve been busy and gotten behind on my blogreading the last few days! Your new saltwater aquarium is beautiful. Saltwater fish are so much more colorful than freshwater fish!
    It is sunny here this morning too! My rain gauge only showed 1 inch and 2/10’s. When I returned from Waco on Sunday afternoon. I am thankful that we got that much , but I had hoped for more!

  3. Love the pics!!!
    I use to have a herb garden too but these last few years when I go to Ottawa in the fall, I go to the farmers market and buy all kinds then dry them at my daughters and take them home in jars I share that bounty with her too for letting me mess up her kitchen with the dehydrator.I use a lot of herbs in cooking makes a huge difference.

  4. I have seen wagon wheel herb beds on shows. I think it would be cool in your courtyard there.

  5. I have an herb garden but have it in 4 quadrants with a walkway going out from a center circle. In the center circle I have a gazing ball surrounded by boxwood. I also have a picket fence around it all. I enjoy it. I had a landscaper who was doing the yard next to me stop me one day while I was working in it say that it was the best designed herb garden he had ever seen! Wow, did I feel special. I had copied it from a book. PAM

  6. Your photos are gorgeous and so glad you have sunshine. The glorious sun is shinning here today!I use to have a herb garden and would to have another one.
    Enjoy have a great week!

  7. My herbs are spread out along the front of my garden. A wheel would be very pretty, but not big enough for the ones I have.

    I am enjoying your beautiful plants.

  8. I have an herb garden, and it is tear drop shaped (roughly). It fits in between the paths to the gates and the pergola. The important thing about a culinary herb garden is it should be readily accessible to your kitchen. Mine is right outside the back door.

  9. I just saw a herb garden that way in a magazine. That would be so cool in your yard(-: If I find the magazine I will take a picture for you(-:
    Everything looks great in your pictures! I don’t know about the little bird. I have not seen one before.

  10. Wow, am I jealous of that temperature!

  11. Can I sit in the other chair and have a cup of coffee with you? Lovely place to sit a spell! 🙂
    You should do an herb garden. I don’t have one persay, but I do have thyme, rosemary, basil, and mint (that is in pots ) I love herbs!

  12. Can I sit in the other chair and have a cup of coffee with you? Lovely place to sit a spell! 🙂
    You should do an herb garden. I don’t have one persay, but I do have thyme, rosemary, basil, and mint (that is in pots ) I love herbs!
    BTW I love your blog!

  13. So lovely, as always! I’m glad you’re able to enjoy your garden again. Herbs would be wonderful – I have them in pots, but I like the idea of planting them in a wagon wheel formation – if I’m understanding what you’re saying? A different herb in each section? Cool!

  14. Brenda– last year I planted herbs in pots. Over the winter I did not water and most died. I was thrilled to find tiny shoots of curly parsley and tarragon poking up the other day.

  15. Make sure to get some cushions for your chairs!! So we can come sit with you and smell the aroma of your beautiful flowers!! 🙂


  16. Brenda,

    I have an herb garden. It’s not huge but most of the plants grow back every year. I sometimes just cut them to add to flower arrangements, they smell so good.


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