Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 10, 2009

Time For Azaleas


They are opening now. The ones in back, the pink ones, seem to grow bigger. There are only a few now fully bloomed.


The tangerine in front.


The pansies in this pot were past their prime. I replaced them with marigolds.


Charlie, get out of there.


Daisy love…


The tulips are beginning to bloom. Here’s the first one.



  1. Torture me! I can’t believe you have all those flowers. It has been so warm here and things are popping up. Now it’s a possibility that we will have snow. Boo hoo.

  2. Charlie says, “Hey, they smell good!”

  3. I am so envious of your flowers!
    I am coming along my foot is just getting to look normal, I have started physio on the arm hurts like the dickens,I haven’t been out of the house in almost 3 weeks I have cabin fever…were still buried under snow and they are predicting a storm tonight…sigh…Can’t wait for the humdrum normal to come back into my life…boys have been cooking…LOL so funny to watch.. either have any idea but they try.I have read 10 books so far….and watched tv…I am bored beyond endurance…..don’t break an arm!!!

  4. Hi Brenda, Hooray for azaleas! I just love them all. And same thing for the tulips. Charlie, are you doing a squirrel impersonation? HA

  5. This just simply amazes me, Brenda.

    We added Spring touches to the back porch, today. However, I had to use silk flowers on the garden gate. It will be at least another month or 6 weeks, before I will be brave enough to put out live plants!

    Beautiful photos as usual!!

  6. Brenda coming from the great white north..I surely appreciate the fact that folks in the southwest can have such lovely blossoms and gardens in early March!
    I love it when our pets get their snouts in the dirt!At times mine too! LOL.Enjoy your gardening!

  7. Your daisies are blooming?? My goodness, mine are just starting to show up. Why do pansies look so bad? I cannot figure that out. Mine are usually so pretty in April. Mystery!

  8. That is it ….. I have been stumped about what I want in a flower bed and then I saw your daisies…… perfect….. thanks for the inspiration..

  9. Your garden is so full of color right now Brenda! Charlie looks so cute sniffing those Marigolds, they must have a nice aroma to him. 😉

  10. Hello,

    Just discovered your blog at Kim’s…
    Love it! Love plants and flowers.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  11. Hi Brenda,
    I especially love the marigolds, they remind me of my dad. He used to plant them every year and each time I see some I think of him. Your sweet Charlie is looking for something? Maybe it’s Spring! I am so with you on the time change (thanks for your comments). It’s going to take me some time to get used to it and then we’ll “Fall back”. Have a great week!

  12. Pansies past their prime Brenda? The nurseries aren’t even selling them here yet! Enjoy those beautiful azaleas, and all the other pretties blooming in your garden!

  13. Ohmygosh– look at all those blooming things! I do love azaleas. My grandmother always had them beneath her living room window back in NC. Too alkaline out here on the edge of the plains.

  14. Just the thing to see as I read your blog. So much color sent my way. Oh, it’s not just for me but thanks anyway. Spring has arrived in force for you.

  15. Your flowers are always so pretty! I did manage to get 5 azaleas planted Saturday…5 more to go.

    I always look forward to the show they put on!

  16. BEAUTIFUL flowers, all of them! I love azaleas, but have never been brave enough to try to grow them! Patti

  17. Okay, you are not that far away from me, yet your yard looks like spring is all over it. What kind of magic wand do you have anyway?

  18. It is so fun to see what is growing in different parts of the country. Pansies are just blooming like crazy right now here. I have four potted azaleas on the front porch blooming but the other ones in the ground won’t bloom for another month at least. I am affraid any annuals would freeze because we are still having frost here.

  19. Gosh, Brenda..your flowers are REALLY looking pretty!! I wish my were in bloom..I would love to get to see them once more before I leave this ol’ house. (sigh)

    And look at Charlie!! 🙂 hee hee

  20. Our azaleas are blooming too – they’re so pretty in pink!

  21. I love that you are using your red radio flyer for a plant stand. It made me smile. Actually Charlie with his nose in the marigolds mad me laugh out loud!. Too cute.
    ♥, Susan

  22. Hi Brenda, Your garden is decked out in loveliness…from the beautiful pink tulip to the azaleas and then there is that cutie pie
    Charlie! Isn’t spring grand! Now if only the sleet would go away!

  23. So pretty Brenda. Spring is in full swing in your garden!

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