Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 8, 2009

Sunday In The Garden


I awoke this morning to a rain shower. It was brief. It did not deter the many bees buzzing about my holly trees. My neighbor Liane is somewhat disconcerted by the bees all around her when she sits in my courtyard gazebo. I know they have too much business at hand to bother with us. (I hope anyway.)

The pink azaleas in my side yard are about to blossom out. They remind me of balloons about to be blown up.


Here is a Pink Jasmine vine I bought the other day at Lowes, and planted at the front gate arbor yesterday. It has a luscious scent.



A bowl of sedums.


I repotted two sago palms yesterday. And covered the soil with marbles. They sparkle in the sunshine.






A small bit of my world mirrored in a gazing ball.


And another…




  1. Beautiful pictures!!!(-: I love jasmine(-: It will be a welcome scent when you have visitors too!!

  2. I definitely also think the bees are too busy to worry about you guys. They are fun to watch-from a distance. You have so much going on and it is lovely.

  3. Your garden is so pretty. We are starting to get a little green peaking through the earth, but we are another month or so from Azaleas!

  4. With all those beautiful blooms the bees are probably buzzing happily along from one blossom to another to notice to you. πŸ™‚ I love the Pink Jasmine vine, very pretty.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind comments.

    Love the bee photo…can’t wait to hear them buzzing around here again! You have a nice garden and a cute sitting area. I love vintage tablecloths and have collected them for years.

  6. Your outdoor spaces are very inviting, Brenda. Spring is more advanced there. Here I am with zone envy.

  7. Brenda your garden is so beautiful! We’re still waiting for spring, here!

  8. Oh so lovely Brenda! I especially liked the busy bee pic. You are a lucky woman to be living amidst all this beauty and color.

    Hugs, G :<)

  9. I especially love the pot of sedums–I need to get more. I want to put them in a little red wagon I have.
    When do you think the azeleas will peak in Tyler? I love to drive down there and see the show!

  10. You just planted Jasmine outdoors? You are a LUCKY gardener. I’m in India right now but my kids tell me there’s a BLIZZARD going on at home πŸ™‚ No gardening for a while yet in my neck of the woods!

  11. The pink jasmine is so exotic looking. Great picture of the bee. Once again Brenda, the gardens are gorgeous.
    β™₯, Susan

  12. Brenda,

    I think I need one of everything you have in these photos. You are going to love the smell of that Jasmine when it’s blooming. We have some along our fenceline and it’s better than any perfume.

    I wonder if I could keep Sago Palms here over the winter. The glass marbles are a beautiful touch. Only you could think of that.


  13. I have never seen pink jasmine; I can only imagine how wonderful it must smell! And lucky you; we only got a dab of rain yesterday. I say we got a 6″ rain; that is to say the drops were 6 inches apart! Hoping for more today.

  14. Hi Brenda, your spring seems full blown already. Especially to to see fully unfurled hosta leaves. Everything looks lovely with the raindrops.

  15. Both garden and outdoor room look so inviting, Brenda … you’re a lucky gal! For some reason, I can’t see a few of the photos … but I have a good imagination!

  16. Brenda,
    Your yard is so full of green and blooms. I love your photos. They make me want to get out and work in my yard. Well, maybe later this evening, after school!

  17. Brenda, This may be my second post here (do you have moderation on?) If not then my other comment was indeed lost someplace! I love the gazing globe view of your garden…it’s delightful, as are your other shots of spring breaking out all around you!


  18. i can almost smell the jasmine and hear the bees

    if you could see my garden you’d cry at the state of it…so unloved for so long, I’m working on it but it’s s l o w


  19. I love the look of the jasmine and the globes reflecting back Brenda ! .. I still haven’t put the one my hubby bought for me while he was in S. Carolina .. worried about it breaking .. maybe some smaller ones those, they look terrific !
    Marigolds have to be one of the most cheerful plants I know .. they always make me smile (even if they don’t smell that great ? LOL)

  20. Good morning Brenda πŸ™‚

    Spring has definitely arrived at your house! The garden looks beautiful πŸ™‚

    The garden room is spectacular!! I love the paint colors and everything. I think the quilt is perfect where it is too. I’ll bet you still walk in there and smile every morning πŸ™‚


  21. I am really having spring envy up here. πŸ™‚ We dipped back again today, maybe below freezing tonight.

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