Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 5, 2009

Promise In The Air


I smell promise in the spring laden air.

It smells of mint.


Spearmint, peppermint and chocolate mint. Sending sweet smells wafting up into the air. Waiting to be brushed past to release their gift.


This is Walli’s dog Roxie, staring through her fence at Clyde, who she is enamored of. And who follows me throughout the neighborhood.


This is Ken, Walli’s husband and Roxie’s dad. He has stopped his pickup at the side of my house, pausing to ask me why I’m out walking my cat, who is meowing at my heels.


These are flowers blooming on my tree…


Two upset dogs waiting for mom to get through walking the neighborhood, finding signs of the new season. Angry because Clyde is getting to walk with me (without a leash of course) and they cannot.


This is a section of my front courtyard where my dogs wait.


This is a shrub in my yard. Never can remember the name of this one. Spirea?


This is my greeting hanging on a crepe myrtle tree, should you come in my back gate first.


And these are just a few of the pine trees in my neighborhood, for which this blog is named.




  1. Beautiful. You have geraniums already! It’s hard for me to accept the fact that it is not time here yet! However, by some bizaar twist it’s supposed to be 87 here tomorrow. Woopee!

  2. Very pretty. Is the bush a bridal wreath?

  3. sigh love seeing your photos, you have a real talent, I just love that spring feeling when the air feels different and hopes of long sun filled days, we have a touch of autumn in the air today, funny how it’s the other way around and there’s a crisper feel, just a touch with the sun

    the greeting is gorgeous, I’d sure like to come by…


  4. I love the shot of the dog peeping through the fence…… Clyde is so cute he reminds me of my beloved Sylvester…. gosh I loved that cat….

  5. Have you been rearranging things out there? I don’t remember the pink adirondack chair being there, and I surely don’t remember the tourist sign. Your mints are doing great!

  6. Your home and garden are a blaze of color, just beautiful! Hugs, G

  7. What a sweet little dog peeking through that fence. Yours too. You just know they were upset they couldn’t walk off the leash with momma.

  8. You do have blooms and greenery so send some this way please. The pups must keep you busy…they are too cute. I like the candid shot of your neighbor. He looks like a very nice gentleman.

  9. Ahh, at least it is spring somewhere! xo, suzy

  10. How beautiful are your photos– that dog in the brick fence is priceless! Makes me almost start to talk to him. LOL! Just got off the phone with DS, who was telling me how lovely and springy it is way down there. Sigh. We are supposed to get warm today, with wind, of course.

  11. Your dogs are precious but that picture of Walli’s dog is adorable. That should be in a magazine or newspaper. I’m still laughing.

    Our snow still hasn’t all melted and it broke of several limbs from our magnolias.


  12. Gorgeous pictures of your flowers!!! Charlie Ross & Abi are absolutely adorable & that photo of Roxie is too cute! Your photos make me smile!!! Patti

  13. Oh how cute Roxie is! And Clyde gets the walk while the dogs wait behind? Now there’s a switch. HA I love your spiraea, Bridal Wreath?

  14. That picture of Roxie is absolutely adorable! Those geraniums just made me smile from ear to ear…spring is coming and I will again have geraniums on the front porch. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.
    ♥, Susan

  15. Hi Brenda, Roxy is cutie-pie! Your garden is brimming with color and bloom!

  16. What a wonderful little piece of heaven you have. And litle Roxie – oh my!! What a shot! What a sweet little face. And the “tourists” sign is priceless. Am I gushing? LOL! Too fun, though, and I don’t apologize! 🙂

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