Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 3, 2009

Cat Antics


No, Clyde is not rabid. Nor is he shouting. I just happened to snap the photo when he was in the midst of yawning.

I have a funny Clyde story. Yesterday I walked down to my neighbor Liane’s house three doors down to give her a Smith & Hawkins catalog that had come in the mail. I knew she was searching for outdoor furniture. Clyde was outside, and as he is wont to do, he followed me down there. At the door, I went in and Clyde was left at the door.

A few minutes later, I hear plaintive crying. I am sitting in her living room on her couch. I look over my shoulder into her dining room. Clyde’s silhouette could be seen through her closed blinds on her patio in back. He had jumped her huge brick fence, and found his way to where apparently he could hear my voice. So he plopped himself there and let me know he wanted his mama.

I said, “Liane, I have to go now. I have a cat crying for me at your patio door.” So I went out the back and Clyde ran and jumped into my arms, like a toddler does upon seeing their mama has indeed returned as promised. And we went down the alley to our house.


I have another strange and rather unsettling little story that sort of shocked me as I was driving the dogs to the groomers this morning. I drove perhaps close to a mile behind this woman who was putting on her mascara. No, it was not just at the stoplight. I was behind her at the stoplight, and saw her moving the wand up and down while looking into her flip down lighted mirror. I thought, well, she’ll put it down once the traffic light turns green and cars get moving. She didn’t!

I’m sure flies would have flown into my mouth had I had my window down. I could not believe she could steer the car (and she was alone) while moving that little wand up and down as she drove the winding roads out Old Noonday Road. At least we had both turned and she was no longer on a four lane highway! When I turned off to take the dogs to Groomer Susan, she was still putting on her mascara and moving along down the road.

I wonder if tonight on the evening news there might be a story of a woman who poked her eye out while driving. Or even worse, poked her eye out and ran into a school bus full of children, as it was that time of day!

People simply confound me, I’m telling you.



  1. And people think cats don’t love us! Our cat follows us too. He loves us. 🙂

    Stupid lady. Sorry.

  2. I’ve seen stuff like that on an everyday basis when commuting back and forth to Dallas. Women applying makeup, men reading newspapers, all while steering down I45!

  3. Your kitty loves you very much. How sweet! I am not surprised at the woman putting on her makeup. Did you hear of the woman breast feeding her baby while driving AND talking on the cell phone? Good multi taskers I guess.

  4. Poor kitty. I am sure he felt totally left out of the conversation(-: If you were my neighbor he could come in and visit with us(-: As for the lady. OMG I can’t believe some people even have a license!

  5. My husband was following a lady yesterday who was smoking and texting at the same time – YIKES!! I’m so fed-up with that type of behavior I honk! I may be shot sometime but it’ll be for a good cause – I can’t stand peoples’ stupidity! PAM

  6. How sweet that Clyde wanted to be part of the action. He must have been saying “You will not ignore me!”

  7. Brenda .. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back and see how gorgeous and organized your blog is ! I really like the clean outlines and colours. I’d like to revamp mine too .. and this really looks great : )
    I love how your baby loves you .. it has to mean you are one phenomenal person because cats just don’t pick anyone and do what your “kid” does with you !
    You gotta’ be a good one sister .. from another cat sister : )

  8. Me too, Brenda. I always think that people like the mascara-wielding lady need to be plunked down in an emergency room and see the physical damage that auto accidents cause and that she needs to know that not only can she hurt herself but others too. How can people live with that on their conscience!?

    Your kitty – so attached. What a fellow! 🙂

  9. Cute little kitty wanted his mommy!!
    Don’t get me started on what people do while driving! I deal with this everyday on my way to work. I get up and put my make up on…at home–why can’t others do the same! Grrrrr….

  10. We used to have an employee who could & would attach fake fingernails while driving, and another who read while driving. Literally while moving along the road. She also read in the shower!

    🙂 Debi

  11. Hi Brenda, you gave us the bad story last rather than first. What a moron. I don’t know how she could drive and do that, or even do that in a moving vehicle. I hate to say it, but it sounds like she was well practiced at it. Now about sweet Clyde, that is just too cute. He must be a big mama baby!

  12. A great Clyde story…cats do love their parent! I am sorry to say that more and more people are multi-tasking while driving. it’s pretty scary! gail

  13. How dare you go neighbor-visiting without taking Clyde inside with you! (He thinks). I love that story – I can so relate to it. I have a neighbor that I visit, and when I go, my kitty follows (he adores this neighbor) and we both go inside to visit. Fortunately, she adores my kitty as well. And my kitty is black/white like yours – more white, and short hair – but obviously similar personalities. I love picturing your guy jumping into your arms (they work on the guilt factor so well, don’t they?) Great stories. Hope the lady had mascara smears under her eyes all day that she didn’t realize were there.

  14. It must be in the air. You should have seen the stupid drive tricks going on around our place lately.

  15. What a great story about Clyde! Makes me smile. I so love my cats. And how much mascara could that woman need, anyway?!

  16. Love the Clyde story. My hands almost shake too much to put on makeup while sitting at my dressing table. Heaven only knows how many cars I’d hit if I tried it there. I think maybe she needs my handicapped sticker I have for my car more than I do.


  17. That pic of Clyde is just the best! Loved it (the kids here did too, the ones with four legs and tails btw)LOL!!!;)

    Hugs, G

  18. When I was a little girl we had a cat named Clancy. My school was down the street about 4 blocks, and he would join us as my mom walked me there and back. His walk was usually much longer than ours, because he darted off constantly to investigate things, but he’d always be there on the corner with my mom as I came out of school.

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