Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 1, 2009

The New/Old Garden Room


It’s taken awhile to get this room to a state of near completion. We started with a room that had once been a patio. Hence, the name “garden room.” The owners before me had it walled in and roofed.



I’ve lived here for four years, and have truly enjoyed this room. But, the cons were that it still had a cement floor that sloped down to a drain, which I had covered with a rug. It had the original house siding. And only a few electrical outlets were high on the wall, and therefore unsightly.


Robert wanted to do so much more to this room. But I got impatient and pared down the projects. He suggested glass bricks on the west side over the existing brick. I mulled it over, and decided that my blue quilt, handmade by me in the early 1990s, was still imperative over the couch. Thus, no glass bricks were installed, much to the chagrin of my husband. I just felt that quilt belonged there. And to me it blended in so well with the blue color paint Robert mixed.




Look at all the light now shining in from the dining room! Robert, you are a genius!


This is my little library corner. A comfy recliner with books on either side of it. My idea of heaven!


I now have wood (resembles wood, anyway) laminated floors. And the French doors from the living room are now pocket doors. The sliding glass doors going to the bedroom have also been replaced with a pocket door. This way I gained more wall space, as Robert put up drywall and painted the existing areas where doors once were, paring it down to a single doorway on these two walls. I needed those walls, as three open to other rooms in the house.

Yesterday I decoupaged the coffee table. Rather than ruin the integrity of the existing wood, Robert cut a thin piece of plywood for me to lay on top. I also had a piece of glass cut to fit the coffee table.


The coffee table was decoupaged with the same type scrapbook paper I used for the tables at the ends of the couch. The only difference here is, I had a dark wood table. So I took dark scrapbook paper that resembled antique rulers and separated the squares. I felt that this looked better with the existing wood.


I opted for the old desk, not more than a year old, rather than have him build a new one. Or alter the existing one. I kind of like the glass look. I am a Windex/clean surfaces freak, so the glass suits me in that respect.


I bought the very same lamps I have in the master bedroom. I simply like them, and they provide good light. They were modern-ish, like the desk, but then I’m an eclectic sort.

Robert hit the nail on the head with the high shelves surrounding three walls of the room. It has provided a place for all my knick-knacks that never seemed to find a real home. The way he built them, and angled them at the end, is quite beautiful.



I decoupaged what once was the double doors that went into the dining room. Robert cut them down and I had glass cut for them. The decoupaged pieces now sit atop my white storage cubes I got 40% off at Michaels. img_1306

I used scrapbook paper to decoupage these old doors. I liked the old paper, classified ads, antique-looking paper.


I have to say, I am completely and utterly thrilled with my new garden room!



  1. I can see why you’re thrilled, Brenda. It’s beautiful!!

  2. Brenda, your new garden room is the kind of room we all wish we had. Multi purpose, cozy, pretty, organized, and homey. I’m glad you kept your quilt! Love the shutters on the sky lights. You can control the hot Texas heat in August if you need to. I love your craft center too! Excellent job!

    I know you are not a groupie but you should hook this into the Metamorphosis Monday thing.

  3. I love the little unit that holds the stamps and ribbon! Of course, the whole room is lovely! Are you having the horrible wind that we have had here? We also had 3 large grass fires in the area.

  4. It’s looking mighty homey and comfortable. I can see why you like it so much. The storage Robert built is a great feature.

  5. I could have a lot of fun in your garden room. πŸ™‚

  6. Honey, your room is absolutely stunning! Thank you for showing us. It is such an inviting, artistic space. You and Robert are geniuses. I am enthralled with what you do with furniture, and storage. Inspiring all around.

  7. Brenda, My goodness, you are certainly quite a decorator. These rooms look so nice, but mostly they have a place for everything. May I come over and see your organization ? Just kidding !
    I am in awe of all you have done. The plants on the stool and a lower one,
    plus bookcases. That is what I need so badly and don’t want to part with the money at my age. Were they already assembled ?
    You deserve a star for your work. Love it.

    Oh, my header is from a magazine. If you scroll down on my home page, the picture is there, and now I need to make it fit the “frame”. Haven’t a clue. I like the picture, also.

  8. It looks great Brenda, you & Robert were a good team on this project. A cozy place to sit & read or play on the computer. Those shelves for all your knick-knacks was a nice touch too!

  9. It looks like home now; I’m glad to see it complete. You have such a way with decorating. I am putting all my decorating “stuff” in the garage; when you come, you are going to have to give me direction where to put it!

  10. Very nice. I love the table tops.

  11. Brenda, this is a beautiful room!! Robert did a great job–but you also have done a fantastic job decorating! I LOVE it!

  12. Brenda, it looks splendid. So glad you have it finished. It is a homey space, and yes, the quilt is great. Blue is my favorite color.~~Dee

  13. Brenda, Your new room looks beautiful! I am sure you will enjoy it for many years to come! I love the shelves with all your nic nacs(-: The decoupage work is just wonderful as well. I also love the flooring and I think the quilt looks perfect over the couch!!!(-:

  14. It looks wonderful!!! Robert done good! πŸ™‚

  15. What a lot of work and what a great result. Love your quilt on the wall and the whole room looks so inviting! Great job. I have plans to redo a room but not much has progressed yet. Send me some of your energy!

  16. Wonderful!!! You have a lot of those storage cubes – aren’t they great? But, ahem… have you put labels in yet? Everything about the room seems perfect, and I also love the touches of decoupage. You and Robert make a good remodeling team!

  17. Oh my gosh Brenda, it’s gorgeous, and so cozy. I absolutely love that blue, it’s perfect. I really, really need you to come help me decorate the giant wooden house, you have such a knack for it, which you will see soon, I lack :-/. Oh, and you would need to bring Robert too :-).

    You did give me ideas about the tall walls too, I’d been thinking of shelves to display some pottery that I have, I think it would work.

    I know you are thrilled to have the room done.

  18. It is lovely, Brenda — what a wonderful place to spend time. So cozy and inviting, with so many novel ideas. Kudos to both you and Robert. πŸ™‚

  19. Brenda, When you have a minute, would you stop over at my blog as I have an award for you. Thanks, Connie πŸ™‚

  20. Brenda,

    I love your garden room. The shelf Robert did around the top of the room is perfect for display. Your crafting area is really perfect and everything is so easy to access. That Robert is a genius and between the two of you you have created nirvana.


  21. What a great room that blue is just lovely……. the whole room has such a nice feel to it…. what a nice thing to have a room you are utterly happy with…. it is perfect.

  22. It is the most fabulously cozy looking room! Very welcoming.

  23. … as you should be, Brenda. In heaven, now I have a place to picture you as you write πŸ™‚

  24. That is an Awesome room Brenda!
    I’m sure you will spend many happy hours there.

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  26. It is gorgeous. Love the shelves and the little drawers.I would have a grand old time sitting in there!

  27. You and Robert have done a wonderful job of creating the perfect garden room for you and your family! The decoupage on plywood with a glass top is a great idea! gail

  28. You have a lot of nice ideas in that room, Brenda. I love your quilts, and do you still make them? That shelf around the top is wonderful, too. You and Robert did a great job!

  29. the grand unveiling! Brenda it looks great! Homey like the old room, but finished:)

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