Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 21, 2009

Blue Moon Again


Yesterday my friend and neighbor Walli and I drove to Edom. She treated me to an “after birthday lunch” at Edom Bakery & Grill.


She’s such a sweetie. What a wonderful neighbor she is. She just brought me a wagon load of old pots for the garden too.


Then we went on down the road to Blue Moon Nursery. We roamed the grounds individually. When you go  there, it is so tranquil that you just lose yourself in the beauty of nature’s blooms.

Some of the infamous fairy gardens on display…



We’ve decided we just have to make one of these for our own gardens.


We  had SO much fun. Two days in a row of birthday celebrating!


And pretty blooms to bring home.



Walli in the background shopping…




An end to a perfectly wonderful week for me. Thanks, good friends!


  1. I went a couple of weeks ago and got a few plants for a fairy garden in a wagon…. for First Monday….
    How wonderful you got to go with your friend for you birthday….
    Thank you for you sweet comments about my dog sorrow….. you made me smile…

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Brenda.
    I’m glad you were able to spend the day with friends.
    Your support means a lot to me.
    Take care.

  3. I absolutely HAVE to find an excuse to get up that way and stop at Blue Moon!

  4. What a pretty place. Those little fairy gardens are interesting. I do hope you’ve had a fun birthday…it’s fun to let it go on for a few days.

  5. What a sweet neighbor you have!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!!! *hugs*

    You have such a wonderful friend! Glad you had such a great time. You deserve it. 🙂

  7. looks so lovely and interesting too, I’d love to visit


  8. Brenda now that’s the outing that I LoVE!! The fairy garden are wonderful!! I know what my summer project will be!! Have a wonderful weekend! smiles and hugs

  9. Well now thats the way to do it!!! Have three days of Birthday fun!!!!(-: The nursery is so cool. I would love to visit there too(-:

  10. I am going to have a fit and fall in it, if I hear one more thing about y’all going to blue moon without me:) Seriously, I am so glad you had a nice day. How about N Tx. Garden Bloggers’ Hoe Down. Put your hoe down and come out to where ever we plan to meet? Have not come up with a good name for our group.

  11. Happy Birthday Brenda! What a fun day, I’m so jealous of all that sunshine and all those plants at the nursery. I so love those little pagodas in the miniature garden tub. xo, suzy

  12. What a treat!! I would love a fairy garden–I would LOVE to go to Blue Moon too! 🙂
    Have you made your fairy garden yet??

  13. I love Deb’s suggestions for a “hoe down” would that make us “hoe’s”? haha, I amuse mysef again! EVERYONE wants to go; let’s set a date and everyone meet, go “Mooning” and then to Edom for lunch (or vice versa). Let’s start planning now and try for some time in late March, so everyone will have time to plan.

  14. Brenda,

    I’m so glad Walli took you out to lunch for your birthday and then a trip to the nursery. You lucky girl! What is the exact date of your birthday? I thought I had it on my calendar but obviously not.


  15. Hi Brenda, birthday bash part two was just as good as part one! Plant shopping, ah, just the thought of it sets my heart a twitter. Soon enough there will be plants lining the tables here too. Your Edoms looks very Texan to me. 🙂

  16. I am glad you were and ahve been treated so warmly by your friends:)
    The Blue Moon nursery looks to have so many treasures to explore.

    Your town is ver quaint and lovely! Next time Mr B visits through Tyler I will tell him where a great place to eat is!

    Hugs for your B-Day!

  17. Happy Birthday, Brenda. It sure looks like fun.~~Dee

  18. Thank you for posting pictures of Blue Moon Gardens. Those pictures are getting me in the mood for Spring even if it is a cold day today. I love Blue Moon Gardens-primo nursery center.!

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