Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 20, 2009

A Most Wonderful Birthday


I had the most wonderful birthday yesterday. My 52nd, by the way. Here we are, three blogging friends at the Potpourri House in Tyler. I am standing. Nola of Alamo North is seated wearing the solid blue. And next to her is a blogging friend neither of us had met, Tina from Stitching In Texas. We had so much fun.

Nola and I started out having coffee at my house and walking through the garden. Then we went to the downtown antique mall.


Nola outside next to an old bathtub. She yearns for a bathroom with a clawfoot tub.


Here is what Tina brought me. Cute little blue scissors. Just my color! And Nola gave me a gift certificate to You know how much both of us love books!


At the antique mall I bought this cute little mosaic bench. The red pitcher, and the three little knick-knacks for the wall.


I caught Nola and Tina unawares as they perused the menu at Potpourri House.


The fun is not over. Today Walli is taking me to lunch in Edom. And we’re going to Blue Moon! She was going to take me for my first pedicure. But I said, I would really rather go to Blue Moon instead!



  1. Happy Birthday!!!
    Looks like you girls had a fun time !!Wish I could of come along too……..well I would have to live closer LOL!!
    My arm is still killing me,meds are strong make me sleepy and nauseated,I think I may have broken my hand too.I go see a surgeon on Monday.
    I am glad to see you were with good friends on your birthday.

  2. A belated Happy Birthday, Brenda! I ADORE that red pitcher…what a find! Looks like a lovely day all round.

  3. Oh, honey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for sharing your fun. So grateful to see the faces of my friends! What a grand day.

    CurtissAnn, waving and hollering

  4. Belated Happy Birthday, looks like you had a great day with your friends. Your antique mall looks like a fun place to spend the afternoon.

    Get a pedicure sometime….it’s wonderful! πŸ™‚

  5. Next time I drive out, I may have to bring my beloved’s truck, JUST IN CASE one of those bathtubs is still there! Why didn’t I think to ask the price? I had one I gave away years ago, after hauling it around for ages waiting for my (never to occur) bathroom redo. I know there are places online where you can buy them, both new and redone, but I love the hunt of finding one that’s not been retouched yet! I had a fun time, too. Thanks for letting me share your birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday to you Brenda!

  7. What a fun way to spend your birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day. Can’t wait to hear what you think about the pedicure. I love them!

  8. I am so glad we finally had a chance to meet in person! I pass so close to your house so often, I can’t believe it has taken this long!
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday.
    What did you get at Blue Moon?

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! I’m so bad at remembering birthdays but I’m glad you had a great friend and a new friend to get together with.

    Loved the pictures!

    Birthday hugs!

  10. Glad you had such a good day! I have visited Stitching in Texas before! I am a cross stitcher and was so glad to see there are still others out there. It is not nearly as popular as it once was.

  11. Looks like a wonderful birthday, Brenda!

  12. Happy birthday Brenda. We need to set up a get together of all the north Texas garden bloggers. It would be a hoot. BTW in April the blogger at Texas Triffid Ranch will be speaking to our master gardener group and the public is welcome.

  13. Happy Birthday! Now what is this Blue Moon you mention? Are you going to post pictures?

  14. A belated Happy Birthday to you. It looks like you had a wonderful times with the girls. You got some really great gift too, lucky girl.


  15. Happy Birthday! Looks like a great way to spend the day!

  16. Happy Birthday Brenda:) I noticed you didn’t mind sharing your age, and you shouldn’t!! Truth be told, mine is coming right up…and I’ll be 52 as well! Yay for the 50’s:) I hope we’ll both have many more!!

  17. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a lovely time with friends and then found a few fun trinkets! That’s a good day~~gail

  18. It looks like you had a very happy and fun birthday my friend. When you have a moment, stop by. I bestowed a creative blogger award for you and didn’t even know that it was your birthday…an extra little present.
    β™₯, Susan

  19. A very happy birthday to you, Brenda. You are quite young! What an attractive booth at the antiques mall, very nicely done, lots to look at and I like the white theme too. I had to laugh about you rather going to eat than getting a pedicure. I would do the same thing. HA

  20. Happy Belated Birthday Brenda and I wish you many, many more to come. I’d love to meet some of my blog buds in person; aren’t you a lucky girl!

    Hugs, G πŸ™‚

  21. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Glad you got to spend it with friends! πŸ™‚

  22. Brenda a belated Happy B. Day! I can see that you had fun! blessings NG

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