Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 18, 2009

The Green Of Early Spring


It is a nice touch to add sedums underneath taller flowers, as I have above. More texture and various shades of green leaves are added to the overall pot.

The Lady Banks rose plant is greening up nicely and climbing the fence.


Robust Foxglove leaves…


The yarrow is turning yellow.


So maybe I’m not going crazy after all. Looks like I did plant tulips here in this bed. Please don’t tell me this is yet another bulb besides a tulip…


Below, sedum that has remained pretty and green year round.


See how fast this fern leafed out. Remember I cut it to about ground level two weeks ago.


Color is beginning to peek out all over the yard. I’m so glad!




  1. That fern did come out fast. Looks good too. You are so much ahead of us here.

  2. Holy cow, that fern is amazing! I can’t wait until tomorrow ~ Happy Birthday Tomorrow!!!!

  3. This makes me so jealous! We are supposed to get more snow tonight. The only thing leafing out in my garden is frost on the garden stand.

  4. Hi Brenda…your garden is looking beautiful! Wish mine was already blooming like that! šŸ™‚

    Hope you are doing well. *hugs*

  5. Brenda,

    Your plants look great already. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s yet to come in your yard.


  6. Beautiful! I did see the first signs of my daylilies today. I feel like they are my friends so that made me happy.

  7. I love sedum…I am thinking of doing a whole bed of just different sedum….

  8. I am doing a whole bed of succulents at the outdoor learning center in Kaufman. Love them.

  9. I love sedum and wonder why we haven’t planted any in our gardens at home. We had lots of it at the farm.

    The only signs of spring, here at the lake, is the line of lawn mowers in front of Lowes!! I enjoyed all your photos.

  10. Love your signs of spring. Yep–that’s a tulip!!
    What is the yellow flower last picture? I love yellow flowers (and red and orange and white…) šŸ™‚

  11. Good morning Brenda! Wow – spring is looking beautiful in your garden! Everything is so pretty and fresh, and reminds me, even on this very cold day in Chicago, that it won’t be long before spring makes its way here.

    Happy, happy birthday. Hope your day is special and lots of fun.

  12. Lots of beauty in your varied pots, Brenda. Sending you a bouquet of Happy Birthday wishes!

  13. Wow things are really growing there!!!! Slower here because its been cold lately I guess. You do have tulips!!! I have some popping through the soil now! My lady banks is still hibernating(-:

    Happy Birthday!!! Have a great one!!!!

  14. Hi Brenda…stopping by to wish you a beautiful day today!! *hugs* Love you much! šŸ™‚

  15. Everything looks so lush and wonderful, Brenda! I can’t wait until things are looking like that here. It will be awhile, I’m afraid. We are under a winter storm watch for tonight!

  16. Brenda,

    I am so exited for spring this year. Maybe it is seeing other peoples beauty in their yards so early who live south of us…but this winter has been too long for me. LOL
    I am always anxious… just not as anxious!!! I usually take everything in it’s own right time. Blogging has done it to me.
    Your rose bush will be brillant blooms all season long! Your flowers of springtime are so refreshing. You photos and pictures of lucious gren are so
    Happy, happy Birthday my friend!!!!

  17. I love the green of spring. It is such a pretty shade.

    Always Growing

  18. Was it only a few weeks ago that you were posting pics with ice? Beautiful pics. I’ve found some green survived in my beds, too.

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