Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 13, 2009

Friday In Tyler


I’m running a Meals On Wheels route today, so thought I’d get some photos up. Charlie Ross drinking from the pond above.

Abi, keeping an eye on me, per usual.




Mr. Squirrel coming over the roof to get something to eat.


Nola brought me these wind chimes when she visited a few weeks ago. She’s planning on coming back again next week, if weather and such permits.



Remember I cut these ferns down just last week. Look at how fast they grow.


One is almost completely opened up.


I cut back the whole Mexican fan palm yesterday. In preparation for relocating it. Looks kind of sad right now, but it grows rather quickly.


Spring is blooming all over the yard. The Carolina Jessamine vine against the brick.





  1. OMG, you really gave that sago a haircut! Those little ferns sure put out fast, what type are they? Have fun with your co-pilot for Meals On Wheels!

  2. Really looks like spring there. I’m jealous of your Carolina Jessamine. I’ve tried it here and it just doesn’t thrive like it does there. Soon you will be covered in blooms.

  3. Your garden shouts spring is here Brenda! Have a good weekend. 🙂

  4. Love that first picture!! I am so jealous.

    Happy Valentine’s Day and have a great weekend!

  5. Love the pictures today ,I get the feeling of sunshine and spring !
    I can’t believe you cut down that fan palm plant wow I would of had coniptions doing that to it!Your a brave lady!
    Abi and Charlie Ross and Mr Squirrel look like they are enjoying the sun too.
    Love the wind chimes the color is so fresh looking.
    Your flowers make me green with envy how I wish for something green in my yard LOL!!(Its buried under 5 feet of snow)

  6. Lovely photos. Have fun on your route today and even more fun when Nola comes to visit!!

  7. What great photos. I love the squirrel looking over the roof! I really love that windchime too!!! How cute!!!!! Of course the fur babies are darling too!!!!

  8. Enjoyed my garden visit but can’t leave without thanking you, dear Brenda, for running caregiving ‘Meals on Wheels’, a huge part of my independence since returning my sister back into her home. Thank you, dear friend. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. Things look really good in your part of Texas! Love the windchimes Nola got you! I hang them from my tree in back, but the silly squirrels keep knocking them down–pesky squirrels!!

  10. Brenda, it looks like spring is coming up all over at your place. Thanks for sharing your morning.

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