Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 11, 2009

Stormy Weather


There were tragic storms in much of the country last night. We were lucky.


I caught Robert reflecting and unaware. Gotta give up those cigarettes, bud.




Look at our February temperature. A beautiful thing, weather like this. My heart goes out to those in peril last evening from the turbulent weather that stormed its way through.




The blue of today’s sky is rather poetic. No need for words there.





  1. Love the colors in your flowers so beautiful, we are having a mild day today its plus 4 , tropical after all the cold we have been having.
    Your flowers give me courage I know spring is coming eventually …
    Tell Robert lung cancer is painful and its not a pretty death at all,just go cold turkey and never look back !

  2. I am catching up after a work week away and your pansies look none the worse for wear. It hit 59 F here today and while there is still quite a bit of ice and snow on the ground, spring is in the air.

  3. I started checking Google Reader early today, hoping to find out that all my blogger friends from up in Oklahoma were okay.
    Robert doesn’t look too happy with you for taking that shot. You could have let him put the ciggy down first!

  4. I’m so glad this storm system wasn’t worse. Your garden shows no signs at all:)

  5. I’m glad you were spared from the storms Brenda, but my heart goes out to those who weren’t. Lovely blooms in your garden right now. 🙂

  6. Hi Brenda! Your yard looks so pretty. We are fine here at my house. There were several homes damaged in Edmond. The deaths occurred further south in Lone Grove. It’s terrible!!

    Of course the irony is that yesterday started out absolutely beautiful and it is that way again today. That’s how tornado weather is though. Thanks for thinking of us.

  7. We didn’t get hit too bad last night, but poor Oklahoma!
    You must have the best camera in the world, or YOU are the best photographer in the world. These pictures are fantastic!!

  8. Hi Brenda! Yes, the storms were horrible last night. We thought we might catch a bit of the really bad stuff, but we just had thunderstorms last night. Today we had heavy rains—then snow—then sun! Gotta love Missouri weather!

    Your bird photos on the previous post are wonderful–you have the most beautiful feathered visitors!

    Hope you’re having a great week! Dana

  9. It blew through here in less than 15 minutes. Glad to hear you are okay.

  10. Hi Brenda,
    We didn’t get storms, just the wind shift. I wish we could have gotten some rain. It is SO dry here. I love your photos! Of course, I am partial to bird photos.

  11. It has been so stormy lately, I sure hope things get better. Great you were spared in your area.

  12. Thanks for your visit. I love when you come. My husband is in Texas this week and he called last night about the storm in OK saying baseball size hail caused a lot of damage. Then the news of the tornado! I was relieved to see you were alright. How did your daughter fair? I too feel for all who were in the storms path.
    Brenda, I let out a audible awe when I saw your temp.
    It snowed again yesterday. I so enjoy visiting your blog and seeing sunshine and flowers.

  13. Look at all the colors! Wonderful! Is it spring there already?! I forgot all about sunshine and green… Glad to hear you were spared of stormy weather, Brenda. But sad to hear of other folks’ misfortunes.

    P.S. the ‘ciggy shot’ – priceless ! 😉

  14. I’m glad to hear that your area was not hit by the tornadoes. Your photos are pretty…especially the one of…(no, not that one!)…
    the one of the white throated sparrow in the tree:)

  15. Yes, a tragic storm for parts of the country, it packed a wallop here, but nothing like Oklahoma.

    Ha, Robert is not looking very happy about having his photo taken. I love your primrose close up, my camera just cannot get the center to focus on ours. And that last pansy shot is pure art!

  16. How lovely spring looks at your house!
    Our temps have taken a large plunge again, but I look at pictures like yours and dream of spring anyway.

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